Girls names that are NOT on nameberry, yet

Names of people that I met, that are rare and not on nameberry yet. Most belong to Philippino women I met at work, or Ukrainian nuns from the local convent. Some belong to children as well.
  1. Avellana
    • Origin:

    • Meaning:

    • Description:

      This alluring Spanish word name has the quirky meaning "hazelnut". Avellana has a beautiful sound, although it may be misheard as the trending Avianna.
  2. Adoracion
    • Andronica
      • Asena
        • Audrielle
          • Avabelle
            • Avelina
              • Azrielle
                • Edreu
                  • Etienne
                    • Jocette
                      • Josephata
                        • Katrielle
                          • Laurielle
                            • Leabelle
                              • Maricar
                                • Polycar
                                  • Rosabel
                                    • Tauriel
                                      • Thorastina