Polish names for boys

- Created by Aftershock

  • Adam

    Adaś. This is the Hebrew word for "man".

  • Artur

    The meaning of this name is unknown.

  • Aleksander

    Aleks. Meant "defending men".

  • Cezary

    Czarek. From a Roman, meant "hairy"

  • Damian

    From Greek (damazo) "to tame".

  • Eryk

    From the Old Norse, derived from the elements ei "ever, always" and ríkr "ruler".

  • Feliks

    Felek. "Lucky, successful" in Latin.

  • Filip

    Fifi. Means "friend of horses"

  • Gabriel

    Gabryś. Meaning "God is my strong man".

  • Julian

    Julek. "Downy-bearded".

  • Kacper

    From English name Jasper, meaning "treasurer".

  • Maciej


  • Michał

    Meaning "who is like God?".

  • Oskar

    Possibly means "deer friend".

  • Oliwier

    From Latin oliva "olive tree".

  • Robert

    Meaning "bright fame".

  • Wiktor

    Roman name meaning "victor, conqueror" in Latin.

  • Łukasz

    From English name Luke.