Creative Names

New Made Up Names.
  1. Amirilyn
    • Gastian
      • Liesel
        • Liesl
          • Origin:

            German diminutive of Elizabeth
          • Meaning:

            "pledged to God"
          • Description:

            While we long dismissed Liesl as being stuck in the Alps with Heidi, the Nameberry community has forced us to reconsider. Yes, like Heidi, Liesl is an old German nickname-name that has never quite moved beyond its Alpine image. But the same thing might have been said of Elsa a few years ago, and many other names that once seemed inextricably tied to their countries of origin: think Enzo and Saoirse and Freya and Soren.
        • Lyenet
          • Madalyn
            • Origin:

              Variation of Madeleine, French "of Magdala"
            • Meaning:

              "of Magdala"
            • Description:

              Madalyn is a variant of the French name Madeleine — one of several which have graced the US top 1000 in recent years.
          • Odair
            • Sebriel
              • Synjun
                • Umbreon
                  • Willminie