Crown of Steel- Names

  1. Adare
    • Adalade
      • Avalon
        • Rhett
          • Origin:

            English from Dutch
          • Meaning:

          • Description:

            Rhett has been more tied to Gone with the Wind than even Scarlett, but now we're hearing rumblings of its finding new and independent favor among parents, perhaps emboldened by the growing popularity of Scarlett.
        • Sophia
          • Tanwyn
            • Origin:

            • Meaning:

              "white fire"
            • Description:

              Tanwyn is a modern Welsh name that can work for either sex depending on the spelling -- wyn is the traditional boys' spelling, while wen as in Tanwen is the girls' version.

              Famous bearers include surfer Tanwyn Travers and the hero of a Victorian Welsh legend titled Envy Burns Itself.