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  • Blog Post: National Park Names

    is a list of National Park-related names: ACADIA ALBERTA (falls--Rocky Mountain) ANSEL (park

  • Blog Post: Car Baby Names: 2015 models

    . So, feel like going for a drive? Here are some actual, current car baby names that are also names of

  • Blog Post: Twin Names: Your perfect pair?

    Today’s Question of the Week concerns twin names If you were having twins tomorrow—well, maybe not tomorrow, exactly—what would you name: A girl-girl set A boy-boy set A girl-boy set?   Would you go the old-style twin names route and give them matching initials or names that rhyme? Would you seek a similar feel and style? Would you find names with related meanings? Would you want them to be completely distinct from each...

  • Blog Post: Dickensian Baby Names: Part Two

    By K. M. Sheard, Nook of Names Here is the second part of Kay Sheard's extensive rundown of

  • Blog Post: Boys' Names 2010: Most Popular So Far

    third quarter, mind you, but for all of 2010 so far – is quite a distinction.  So congratulations, Finn

  • Blog Post: Girls' Names 2010: Most Popular So Far

    , we’d said not to pay too much attention to shifts up or down, but after two bumps up in a row, we

  • Blog Post: Predicting 2014 Starbaby Names, Part 2

    that theme too far and name their new baby something like Kumquat.  My hunch is that they will pick

  • Blog Post: Occupational Surnames: Far from a fad

    and describe a person's job. Fletcher, for instance, refers to an arrow maker. Parker is a park keeper

  • Blog Post: Literary Baby Names: Wilde Ones, Part 2

    By Emily Cardoza There is no play that illustrates the biting wit of Oscar Wilde better than The Importance of Being Earnest. And with a pun on names central to the plot, how could I miss the chance to make it my newest installment of Literary Names, in which I play the game of finding substitutes for the character names? Let's begin! Jack "Ernest" Worthing..... Erno Terach Since Jack is so popular, I decided that deriving from Ernest would be more of a challenge. Erno is the...

  • Blog Post: Top Baby Names of 2016 (so far)

    by Pamela Redmond Satran The most popular baby names of 2016 (so far) have been tallied, and we

  • Blog Post: Rock Star Baby Names: Bowie, Part 2

    a pair of alarmingly well-stuffed pants. Jareth was an evil, baby-snatching trickster with his own

  • Blog Post: The “F” Names: They’re few and far between

    Once more this year the list of most popular names—particularly for girls—is vowel –heavy, with six of the top ten names starting with A, E, I or O, and five more filling out the top twenty. As a result, naturally, there are fewer consonant-starters visible, some letters practically non-existent.  One of these is F, with only a single  representative, Faith, in the top 100, and a grand total of nine girls’ names out of the whole list of top 1000. If we look back a century—testing the...

  • Blog Post: Nameberry Style: Baby Needs A New Pair of Shoes

    -- Remember Gazelles?  Anyone own a pair of Stan Smiths?  A good tennis shoe gets you far all year

  • Blog Post: Baby Names of 2011: Nameberry Newbies so far this year

    , supported by such a strong community of wise and savvy advice-sharers—it all makes us feel like a pair of

  • Blog Post: Popular Baby Names 2010: Top 100 Boys’ Names So Far

    UPDATE!! Check out our final list of popular baby names 2010 for boys! Our most popular baby names 2010 for boys are a mix of the traditional and trendy choices like Jacob and Aiden that dominate the official list of popular baby names 2010 plus a variety of more intriguing and unusual choices, from Finn to Roman to Wyatt. You can also check out our popular baby names 2010 for girls.  Here are our boys' Top 100 this year: 1. HENRY 2. FINN 3. OLIVER 4. JAMES 5. ASHER 6....

  • Blog Post: Girl Names: Our 100 most popular for 2013 (so far)

    of 2013. Imogen unseated longtime favorite Charlotte as our most-viewed girl name so far this year

  • Blog Post: Unisex Names: Our Top 20 for 2013 (so far)

    Names so far this year on Nameberry are: 1.  Quinn 2.  Rowan 3.  Sawyer 4.  Kai 5

  • Blog Post: Top 100 Boys' Names of far

    2013, so far, are: [column1] 1. Asher 2. Finn 3. Declan 4. Atticus* 5. James 6. Oliver 7

  • Blog Post: Car Names: Test Drive These For Your Baby

    Guest blogger ERIN FREEMAN finds baby-naming inspiration on the used car lot. Two weeks ago I

  • Blog Post: Boy Names: The Top 100 of 2013 (so far)

    Which boy names have been most popular on Nameberry so far this year? The big news in baby boy

  • Blog Post: Nameberry 9+9: Best 2014 celebrity baby names so far

    back at the best of the high profile birth announcements so far. Sure, there have been some

  • Blog Post: Most Popular Baby Names of far

    2014... so far: [column1] girls IMOGEN CHARLOTTE ISLA CORA PENELOPE VIOLET

  • Blog Post: Most Popular Girls' Names of far

    are marked with an asterisk. The Top 100 girls' names on Nameberry so far this year are

  • Blog Post: Unisex Names 2013: The top 20 (so far)

    By Pamela Redmond Satran Rowan has taken over from Quinn as the most popular unisex name on Nameberry. Rowan attracted the most views of all the unisex names on the site, defined as names given to at least 10% of the minority gender. Rowan, a Scottish and Irish name meaning "little redhead," is more evenly unisex than Quinn, ranking 455 for girls and 301 for boys on the U.S. popularity list. The other big news on our unisex list is the appearance of North, thanks to little North...

  • Blog Post: Pick a Boy-Girl Pair from the Top 1000

    thinking, as we survey the list, which pair we'd pick if we had a baby girl and a baby boy and had to

  • Blog Post: The Many Names of David Bowie: Part 1

    ?’ The planet Mars is named after the Roman god of war and agriculture. Although the origin of the name

  • Blog Post: Name Stereotypes: Why I'm glad my name isn't Kim, Lee or Park

    . That's why I'm glad my last name isn't Kim, Park, Lee or any of the common Korean last names from

  • Fameberry: Pax Thien

    Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

  • Blog Post: Top Baby Names 2010: 100 Most Popular Girls’ Names So Far

    and the surprising. Here then are the 100 top baby names 2010 so far for girls: 1. CHARLOTTE

  • Blog Post: Hot Baby Names: The 16 hottest choices of 2013 (so far)

    list at Nameberry so far this year include several surnames newly favored as firsts; names inspired by