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Top Girl Names Starting with H

  • Hunter

    This surname gained momentum in the 1990s, when it was particularly in vogue for males. However, it seems to be experiencing a surge for females—it was one of the fastest-rising names of 2013,... Read More 

  • Hadlee

    This extra-trendy -ee suffix helped Hadlee ride the wave of Hadley's popularity into the US Top 1000 in 2013.Read More 

  • Heavenly

    Turns the noun into an adoring adjective. As cheesy as it may be, Heavenly was a new entrant to the US Top 1000 in 2015.Read More 

  • Harleigh

    Harley in a dress.Read More 

  • Hailee

    We are seeing the trendy -ee suffix everywhere, including names like Hailey that were perfectly fine before it.Read More 

  • Halo

    The word has been used in English since the sixteenth century, and in the sacred sense since the seventeenth; it replaced “glory,” the older term for divine light. Being a modern word, Halo didn’t... Read More 

  • Harriet

    Harriet has long been considered a stylish, upscale name in England, but it's still waiting to be revived in the US—though some parents seeking a solid, serious semi-classic are beginning to... Read More 

  • Hadleigh

    Hadley, an old surname-name best known as the name of author Ernest Hemingway's "Paris Wife," only recently broke onto the scene in a big way. While Hadley has considerable appeal, spelling... Read More