Top Baby Names Starting with M

Baby Names Starting with M have moved beyond midcentury classics Mary and Michael to more modern choices, the most popular of which are Mia and Mason. Mia’s success is largely based upon its streamlined image and multicultural appeal, while Mason leads the pack of occupational names and increased in notoriety thanks to a Kardashian baby.

Along with Mia, other girl names beginning with M in the US Top 150 include Mila, Madison, Maya, Madelyn, and Melody. As well as Mason, other boy names starting with M in the US Top 150 include Matthew, Mateo, Maverick, Miles, and Micah.

Rare M names with international origins we strongly endorse include the Welsh Macsen, French Marais, Japanese Mika, and Italian Marcella. Other unique names with the M initial include vintage charmers Maude and Mamie and cotemporary choices such as Maxfield, Marigold, and Marlowe — for girls or boys.

Explore our extensive menu of baby names starting with M. The top names below rank among the current US Top 1000 baby names and are ordered by popularity. Unique names rank below the Top 1000 and are listed alphabetically.

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  • Mia

    Mia originated as a short form of Maria, which ultimately derived from the Hebrew name Miryam. In modern times, Mia has been used as a nickname for names including Amelia, Emilia, and Miriam. Mia... Read More 

  • Mason

    Mason has become mega-popular; it hit as high as the Number 2 spot in 2011 and has stayed near the top of the charts since.

    Mason is an occupational surname that's been heating up for... Read More 

  • Michael

    Michael was derived from the name Mikha’el, which comes from the rhetorical question mī kā’ēl, meaning “who is like God?” in Hebrew. In the Bible, Michael is the archangel who led the... Read More 

  • Mila

    Mila is a given name with Russian and Slavic provenance. It began as the diminutive form for names such as Ludmila, Milena, and Milica. Mila can be a nickname for any name containing the element... Read More 

  • Matthew

    Matthew is the English derivative of Matthaios, the Greek form of the Hebrew Mattiyahu, composed of mattan, meaning “gift” and yah, in reference to God. The biblical Matthew was... Read More 

  • Mateo

    Mateo is a Latinate form of Matthew, which derived from the Hebrew name Mattiyahu, consisting of the elements mattan, meaning “gift” and yah, which references the Hebrew God.... Read More 

  • Madison

    Madison originated as an English surname, a variant of Mathieson, meaning “son of Matthew.” It is occasionally translated as “son of Maud,” as Maddy was historically a nickname for Maud. It was... Read More 

  • Maverick

    At the rate it's growing, Maverick soon won't seem like such a maverick anymore. Heard first in a 1950s James Garner western TV series, and then as the Tom Cruise character in Top Gun,... Read More 

  • Maya

    In addition to being the name of a Central American culture, Maya was the legendary Greek mother of Hermes by Zeus, and means "illusion" in Sanskrit and Eastern Pantheism. It can also be spelled... Read More 

  • Madelyn

    Madelyn is the most popular current spelling of this stylish name -- Madeline is the second most used -- but we prefer the least popular and most authentic French version, Madeleine. The advantage... Read More