Names That Mean Earth

  • Guadalupe

    The name Guadalupe is a girl's name of Spanish origin meaning "river of black stones". Popular Spanish name that relates to the patron saint of Mexico. It could conceivably, like Soledad and... Read More 

  • Haldor

    The name Haldor is a boy's name of Norse origin meaning "Thor's stone". This, like many Norse and Scandinavian names, remains... Read More 

  • Halston

    The name Halston is a unisex name of English origin meaning "hallowed stone". This choice feels more familiar than other hall-related English surnames, thanks to designer Halston, the single-named... Read More 

  • Hammond

    The name Hammond is a boy's name of English origin meaning "mountain home". A cross-cultural possibility, but a bit heavy and somber. Read More 

  • Heliodor

    The name Heliodor is a boy's name . Also known as green beryl, Heliodor is the name of a sun-kissed colored gemstone. The name is reminiscent of other -dor names such as Theodore, Esidore, Isidor,... Read More 

  • Hermione

    The name Hermione is a girl's name of Greek origin meaning "messenger, earthly". Hermione's costarring role in Harry Potter has made this previously ignored, once stodgy name suddenly... Read More 

  • Hestia

    The name Hestia is a girl's name of Greek origin meaning "hearth, fireside". Hestia is the name of the Greek goddess of the hearth, home and chastity. Though Hestia has been long dormant as a... Read More 

  • Ilesha

    The name Ilesha is a girl's name of Hindi origin meaning "earth lord". Ilesha is an unusual choice that will undoubtedly be confused with similar and far more common names such as Alicia and Elissa. Read More 

  • Ione

    The name Ione is a girl's name of Greek origin. This unusual Greek flower and color name has gained considerable recent attention via actress Ione Skye, who is the daughter of sixties folksinger... Read More 

  • Ishi

    The name Ishi is a girl's name of Japanese origin meaning "stone". Connotes a strong, solid character. Read More 

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