Pisces Baby Names

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  • Elizabeth

    Elizabeth is derived from the Hebrew name Elisheva, formed by the components ’el, meaning “God,” and shava’, “oath.” In the Bible, Elizabeth was the mother of John the Baptist,... Read More 

  • Eros

    The name of the Greek winged god of sexual love may seem a lot to live up to, but like other deity names, it's on the rise. He appears in DC comics as an ally of Wonder Woman, and is the alias of... Read More 

  • Fin

  • Finn

    Finn is a name with enormous energy and charm, that of the greatest hero of Irish mythology, Finn MacCool (aka Fionn mac Cuumhaill), an intrepid warrior with mystical supernatural powers, noted as... Read More 

  • Fisher

    As a member of two trendy name categories, animal and occupational, this name broke into the Top 1000 in 2004 and would make a nice tribute to an angler Grandpa.

    The best known bearer,... Read More 

  • Fisk

    Unusual alternative to Fisher with a brisker surname appeal. Read More 

  • Galatea

    This name's meaning derives from the material from which the mythical sculptor Pygmalion chiselled his ideal woman - she was carved from ivory. Pygmalion fell in love with his creation and... Read More 

  • Hanan

    A chief member of the tribe of Benjamin, and another obscure Old Testament name that few parents, even those tired of Aaron and Zachary, would consider. But with a pronunciation that rhymes with... Read More 

  • Ianthe

    Like Violet, Lavender and Lilac, Ianthe is a purple flower name. Chosen by the poet Shelley for his daughter, Ianthe has a poetic, romantic, almost ethereal quality. In the ancient myth, she was... Read More 

  • Jordan

    Jordan became one of the top unisex baby names in the heyday of basketball's Michael Jordan, and is still among the most popular Read More 

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