Names That Mean Strong

  • Griffin

    The name Griffin is a unisex name of Latin origin meaning "strong lord". Griffin is one of the newer and most appealing of the two-syllable Celtic surnames. In English, griffin is the name of a... Read More 

  • Hartman

    The name Hartman is a boy's name of German origin meaning "hard, strong man". A viable choice only if it's growing on your family tree. Read More 

  • Hereswith

    The name Hereswith is a girl's name meaning "Strength of the army". Hereswith is a rare name that comes to us from the dark ages. She was a Northumbrian saint, whose more famous sister, Hilda,... Read More 

  • Hezekiah

    The name Hezekiah is a boy's name of Hebrew origin meaning "God gives strength". This name of an influential Old Testament king of Judah is one that would challenge even the most adventurous... Read More 

  • Imala

    The name Imala is a girl's name of Native American origin meaning "strong-minded". Distinctive Native-American choice with forceful meaning. Read More 

  • Imiza

    The name Imiza is a girl's name meaning "universal strength". This name was used by the royal House of Luxembourg in the Middle Ages, as a diminutive of Irmentrude. We definitely think this... Read More 

  • Imre

    The name Imre is a boy's name of Hungarian origin meaning "strength". Commonly heard in its native country, would take a bit of explaining here. Read More 

  • Isa

    The name Isa is a unisex name of German, Persian origin meaning "strong-willed". Isa is a name unto itself but might also be a short form of Isabel or Isadora. With the new popularity of Isabel... Read More 

  • Ken

    The name Ken is a boy's name meaning "born of fire or handsome; healthy and strong". In many minds this one belongs to Barbie, but with such positive meanings and international connections, can... Read More 

  • Kenzo

    The name Kenzo is a boy's name of Japanese origin meaning "strong and healthy". Kenzo is a common Japanese name with several creative bearers: the single-named fashion designer, prizewinning... Read More 

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