Finnish Baby Names

Finnish names may look simple, but those double vowels are undeniably exotic to native English speakers. The relative unconventionality of Finnish names may explain why they are rarer in the US than those from other Nordic countries, such as Sweden and Norway.

The most popular Finnish baby names in Finland include Eevi, Venla, Aino, Aada, and Helmi for girls, and Eeli, Eino, Vaino, Onni, and Leevi for boys. Among the most wearable Finnish names on a non-Finnish baby are Ailana, Hilma, Lumi, and Minna for girls, and Arvo, Harto, Rami, and Risto for boys.

Finnish baby names are extremely uncommon in the US, so if you’re hunting for a unique name for your child, this is an ideal place to look. Some prime Finnish baby name examples:

Finnish Names for Babies
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