Girl Names Trendier Than You Think

The trendiest baby girl names right now may be a very different group than you'd guess, especially for the first-time parent new to recent baby-naming fads and trends.

What does trendiness mean when it comes to baby names? We'd call a trendy name that is at the height of stylishness right now, but probably wasn't a generation ago...and may not be a generation from now. Trendy names are usually hot for a decade, though they may remain widely used for years, or even forever. Today's trendy name might well me tomorrow's classic.

Among the most popular trendy girl names in the US Top 100 are Amelia, Evelyn, Harper, Aubrey, Luna, Aria, Isla, and Everly. Girl names that are incredibly fashionable yet not as widely used include Aveline, Seraphina, Elodie, and Frankie.

From cool vintage girl names like Iris and Evelyn, to modern nature names like Juniper and Wren, here are some surprisingly trendy names for baby girls.
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