French Word Names

If you’re on a quest for truly distinctive French names beyond Charlotte and Charles, we recommend looking toward French words for inspiration. International word names combine two of today’s coolest trends and can give your child a one-of-a-kind identity. Of course, you could also go with a classic French word name such as Belle or Beau, which both mean “pretty” or “beautiful.”

Along with Belle and Beau, other French word names in the US Top 1000 include Elle, Jolie, Maison, and Talon. In France, word names such as Ambre, Victoire, Baptiste, Basile, and Océane are among the top baby names.

We combed our own dictionnaires for French words that could make perfectly appropriate, attractive baby names. But no reason to stop here--consider words from the language of your own ethnic background, be it Czech or Chinese, and add them to the list of your personal possibilities.

Here, some French baby names fashioned from French words for your consideration:
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