Unique Italian Baby Names for Girls

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Unique Italian baby names for girls differ significantly by country. Many Italian names Americans consider to be unique are quite common in Italy, and plenty popular Italian choices among Americans fail to chart in their native country. Americans favor Italian names such as Isabella and Aria, and Italians prefer Giulia and Ginevra.

All of the unique Italian names for girls rank outside of the US Top 1000. Along with Giulia and Ginevra, other girl names that are popular in Italy but rare in the United States include Giorgia, Chiara, Ludovica, Vittoria, Giada, Gioia, Carlotta, and Eleonora. Unique Italian place names for girls include Amalfi, Roma, Sicily, and Verona.

If you're looking for girl names that work in English and Italian, or just baby girl names with Italian flair, you'll find plenty of fresh and stylish Italian names for your little signorina in this list.

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