Zodiac Baby Names for Girls

Zodiac Baby Names for Girls

We’ve looked at Zodiac baby names for boys, now here are the traits associated with each sign and related names, this time aimed at girls.


Aries is the sign associated with fire, Mars, and the ram. People born under this sign are courageous, energetic, willful, commanding, leading, competitive, and protective, and often lead when following would be a better course of action. Here are some names related to those attributes.

Anala – fire – A pretty and unusual name that starts with the popular first initial A.

Andromeda – leader of men – A beautiful choice among mythological names that comes with lots of nicknames ranging from the tomboyish Andy to the girly Annie.

Endellion – fire soul – A Cornish name used by British Prime Minister David Cameron as a middle.

Fiammetta – fire – Right in line with the longer, princessy names that seem to be getting popular these days.


Taurus is an earth sign, a bull, ruled by Venus. They are pleasure-seeking, love control, dependable, grounded, loyal, and adaptable.

Comfort – One of the positive word names used by early Puritans

Gaia – earth – Pronounced guy-ah, this was used by Emma Thompson for her daughter.

Georgia – farmer, earth worker – A simple, classic name, along with the elaborated Georgina and Georgiana. I love George and Georgie as nicknames for tomboys.


Gemini is an air sign, the twins, ruled by Mercury. We’re cerebral, chatty, love learning, charming, intelligent, creative, and adventurous.

Akasha – open air – This made a rare appearance in the movie and book Queen of the Damned.

Aria – song, melody, air – Perfect for music lovers, this name has now risen up to Number 31.

Farzana – intelligent – A very exotic name, with Zana as a fabulous nickname.

Thomasina – twin- A charming Beatrix Potter and Disney name, the female version of Thomas.


A water sign, the crab, ruled by the Moon. Cancer people tend to be emotional, group and family oriented, seek security, and are deep, mysterious, gentle, and loyal.

Clementine – merciful, gentle – Popular on Nameberry, where it’s #67, this sweet name is also a celebrity fave, chosen by Claudia Schiffer and by Ethan Hawke.

Lake/River/Brooke – All names related to bodies of water are good astrology names for this water sign.

Luna – moon – Although there are  many moon names to choose from, I picked the simplest and most well known. It has newfound popularity via its role in Harry Potter.

Myrna – gentle, beloved – An old Irish name that has yet to be revived.


A fire sign, the lion, ruled by the sun. Leos are generous, organized, protective, beautiful, and proud.

Leona – lion – I love this sweet and simple name, which returned to the Top 1000 in 2009

Soleil – sun – A French word name recognized via Soleil Moon Fry.

Vesta – pure – The name of the Roman goddess of the household.


An earth sign, the maiden, ruled by Mercury.  Virgos are particular, logical, practical, dutiful, calm, and critical.

Cora – maiden – A sweet, old fashioned Downton Abbey name that is rising on the charts.

Serenity – This one on my own baby list, it’s a lovely word name, calm and pretty.

Valterra – of the strong earth – Unique but easily pronounced, with a great meaning and good nicknames.

Virginia – virgin – A timeless classic, one with Queenly connections.


An air sign, the scales, ruled by Venus. They are balanced, seek beauty, have a sense of justice, and love harmony.

Alana – little rock; harmony – This soft feminization of Alan is now in the Top 200.

Atalanta – equal in weight – One of our favorite mythological names for girls, attached to a strong, fierce woman, though it might be mistaken for Atlanta.

Harmony – I know a little girl just born with this name. I think it’s a lovely addition to the word name database.

Sefarina – of a gentle wind – It’s very pretty, a little elaborate, though maybe too close to Seraphina.


A water sign, the scorpion, ruled by Pluto. They are passionate, exacting, love extremes, combative, reflective.

Ondine – water sprite – Simple and elegant. I love the O at the beginning.

Scorpia – As I said in the last post, I know a girl named Scorpia, so it definitely can work as an out-of-the-box sort of name.

Talula – leaping water – More frequently spelled Tallulah, this is a celebrity fave, chosen first by Demi Moore and Bruce Willis for their now-grown daughter. I think it’s lovely, especially with the sweet nickname Lula.


A fire sign, the centaur, ruled by Jupiter. They are happy, absent-minded, creative, adventurous.

Felicia – lucky, happy, successful – This name is no longer in style, but it’s lovely and well worth still considereing.

Seraphina – burning one, fiery – Lovely name picked by Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck for their second daughter, related to the highest ranking angels.

Zelda – happy, blessed – A name I really love–a high school friend named her daughter Zelda and gets lots of compliments. I wish more people were brave enough to use it.


An earth sign, the goat, ruled by Saturn. They are timeless, driven, calculating, ambitious, and serious.

Avani – the good earth – A very pretty but unusual name, with the popular Av-beginning.

Jael – mountain goat – A unisex Hebrew Old Testament name, also a place name in Israel.

Zola – lump of earth – This has a cool, exotic sound, and also literary cred.


An air sign, the water bearer, ruled by Uranus. They are forward thinking, communicative, people oriented, stubborn, generous, and dedicated.

Brisa – wind, breeze – Short, sweet, and pretty.

Imma – water pourer – A perfect name for a water-bearer sign.

Polidora – generous woman – I love it. Polly is the sweetest, old fashioned nickname ever, and Dora is timeless: together, they make a lovely name.


Water sign, the fish, ruled by Neptune. They are likeable, energetic, passionate, sensitive, secretive, and kind.

Anissa – friendly – A feminine name never very popular here, but it’s currently Number 180 in France.

Melusine – hard worker – A water nymph in mythology, it fits with longer names like Penelope and Isabella but with an edge of uniqueness.

Nahla – drink of water – Though the spelling is different people might think of the strong character in The Lion King; Halle Berry used this spelling for her daughter.

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