Zodiac Baby Names for Boys

Zodiac Baby Names for Boys

Some people believe in astrology, some people don’t, but it’s fun to think about. I’m pregnant with number 2, and I never really thought about naming it based on its sign. But I saw a suggested blog topic and thought it was interesting. So I made a list of names associated with each sign for those like me that think it’s fun to think about these connections.


Aries is the sign associated with fire, Mars, and the ram. The Ares person is, energetic, willful, commanding, leading, competitive, and protective; often leads when following would be best course of action. So we’re looking for names to do with those attributes.

Fintan – white fire – A more unusual than Finlay or Finnian path to the nickname Fin, Fintan is a short, two-syllable and stylish sounding name.

Ignatius – fire – A little more out there, but I think this saint’s name is old fashioned in a good way. Iggy is adorable, and Nate could also come from this name.

Jaromir – This is made up of the Slavic elements yaru “fierce, energetic” and miru “peace, world.” I love Slavic and other northern names like this. I couldn’t pull it off myself, but there might be some out there who can.

Mars – This is not only the planet Aries falls under; it’s the Roman name of the god of war. Could be very cool for mythology and zodiac lovers.

Orhan – Made up of the Turkish or “great” and the title khan meaning “leader”– equals a great meaning. Ori could be a good nickname.


Taurus is an earth sign, the bull, ruled by Venus. Taurus people are pleasure seeking, love control, dependable, grounded, provoke slowly, loyal, and adaptable.

George – farmer, earth worker – A handsome, wearable name with tons of history.

Jarlath – in control – I love the sound of this one. I couldn’t tell you what the nickname would be, but it has a cool sound.

Loyal – I’m a sucker for word names and  I love this one as a first or middle.


Gemini is an air sign, the twins, ruled by Mercury. We’re cerebral, chatty, love learning and education, charming, intelligent, creative, and adventurous.

Adwin – creative one – I love the nickname Win for a boy, and this name is short and easy but different.

Aero – air- A very literal name which sounds cool and looks very streamlined.

Ronith – a charming man – Another I’ve never actually heard, but now love. Ron and Ronnie are easy, familiar nicknames.

Samir – wind, air – A lovely Indian name with the easy nickname of Sam.

Tomlin – little twin – Feels like a more stylish version of the wonderful classic Thomas, which also means twin.


A water sign, the crab, ruled by the Moon. They tend to be emotional, group-oriented, seek security, family, deep, mysterious, gentle, and loyal.

Clement – mild, merciful – Hasn’t been on the popularity charts since 1968, but is Number 719 on Nameberry. Old man name ripe for revival?

Dover – from the water – brings to mind the gorgeous White Cliffs of Dover and has a very pleasing sound.

Koray – ember moon – From the tons of moon names, I picked this unusual favorite. The meaning is evocative and the name sounds unique but with easy nicknames like Ray and Kory.


A fire sign, the lion, ruled by the sun. Leos are generous, organized, protective, beautiful, and proud.

Blaze/Blaise – I love this name more than I should. I think Blaze is a good middle choice, but Blaise is a great first.

Beau – handsome – And true to its meaning,  it is a very handsome name, now ranking at Number 228.

Samson – From the Hebrew name Shimshon which meant “sun.” We all know the biblical story of the powerful champion of the Israelites, and the name is equally strong.

Leo/Leonard/Leonid/Leon/Leonidas – Since there are so many lion names, I’ve just listed some of the basics, all fabulous.


An earth sign, the maiden, ruled by Mercury.  Virgos are logical, practical, with a sense of duty, calm, and critical.

Galen – calm – A Greek name borne by an ancient physician who made great discoveries in medicine. It reached Number 330 in 1949.

Joren – earth worker – Heard mainly among the Dutch, this is a handsome variant form of George.

Mercury – The name borne by the Roman messenger god is also the name of the first planet from the sun and would make a most dramatic choice.


An air sign, the scales, ruled by Venus. People born under this sign are balanced, seek beauty, have a sense of justice, and love harmony.

Alan – cheerful,  harmony – Of its three popular spellings, this is the streamlined version.

Boreas – North wind – This Greek god name is a guilty pleasure of mine, reminiscent of the aurora borealis.

Concord – I’ve never heard this used as a name, but I think it has great potential.

Justice – One of my favorite virtue names. I know one Justice , but I’d love to meet more. It’s been on the popularity list since 1992.


A water sign, the scorpion, ruled by Pluto. They are passionate, exacting, love extremes, combative, reflective.

Lake/River/Brooke – Names of bodies of water make for good zodiac names for this water sign.

Scorpio – I also know a girl named Scorpia, and either of these would make a truly distinctive choice.

Zeal – This could make a really interesting addition to the word name category. It sounds like Neal, but with more zip.


A fire sign, the centaur, ruled by Jupiter. They are happy, absent-minded, creative, adventurous people.

Asher – happy one, blessed – This one was on my baby name list. Biblical, simple, and stylish and increasingly popular–it’s now in the Top 100.

Felix – lucky, happy, successful – An old name that has started to make a comeback, currently at Number 267.

Idris – fiery leader – Idris Elba, known through The Wire, Mandela, The Avengers and other projects, and the name is as awesome as the actor.

Jupiter – A Roman deity name that some parents are beginning to consider.


An earth sign, the goat, ruled by Saturn. Capricorns are driven, calculating, ambitious, and serious.

Ernest – serious – An old German virtue name with the cute Ernie nickname.

Saturn – If Jupiter, Mercury and Mars can be used, there’s no reason Saturn can’t.


An air sign, the water bearer, ruled by Uranus. They are forward thinking, communicative, people-oriented, stubborn, generous, and dedicated.

Enoch – dedicated – An old world Hebrew name seen in the Bible. If Elijah and Ezekiel are getting attention, why not Enoch?

Tyrrell – stubborn – Ty is a great, sporty sort of nickname, but I might not want to use a name that means stubborn.

Zephyr – The west wind –  A very cool choice among mythological names that is ripe for the picking right now.


Water sign, the fish, ruled by Neptune. They are likable, energetic, passionate, sensitive, secretive, and kind.

Fisher – An occupational name, not as popular as others like Hunter, but usable.

Jordan – flowing down –  Though it’s somewhat out of its time, Jordan is still well used for both genders.

Vachlan – one who lives near water – Lachlan is awesome, Vachlan adds an intriguing letter up front.

Stay tuned for the girls’ version, coming up next.

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Angel Thomas, better known on Nameberry as Dantea, is a stay-at-home mom with a passion for onomastics who writes fantasy novels in her spare time. Her knowledge of Greek names stems from her ancestry and her religion.