Would you name your baby after a celebrity?

So….2,449 people named their baby girls Reese last year. Which means that upon meeting those 2,449 little girls, almost everyone for the rest of their lives is going to say, Reese? You mean R-E-E-S-E? As in Reese Witherspoon?

If you name your baby Reese and you’re NOT a Legally Blonde maniac, you’re going to have some ‘splaining to do. Because names like Reese — and Aaliyah and Ashton and Miley and Penn — are so closely tied to one celebrity that people can’t help but think that choosing the name amounts to major fandom.

And thousands of parents every year choose names that are inspired by celebrities.

In fact at this very moment, an untold number of new parents in Britain are waiting to hear the royal baby name so they can adopt it for their own already-born children.

So our question of the week is: Can you imagine you’d be one of them?

And if you named your baby after a celebrity, which celebrity would it be?

Okay, even if you wouldn’t name your baby after a celebrity, but you were forced by the Baby Name Police (i.e. me and Linda) to do so, which name would you choose, and why? (I dibs Elvis.)

In case you need a cheat sheet, check out our list of celebrity-inspired baby names.

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