Women’s History Month: High-flying heroines

It’s just in the nick of time, but we couldn’t let Women’s History Month go by without a salute to some of the adventurous women who have blazed trails, in this case literally reaching new heights.  Kudos to the the early lady pilots known then as aviatrixes, many of whom have been hidden too long in the shadow of Amelia Earhart. And of course, Nameberry being Nameberry, our choices were based as much on their interesting names as on their accomplishments.

Willa Brown

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Willa Brown was the first African-American female to earn a pilot’s and a commercial flying license in America. The stylish name Willa is both strong (Willa Cather) and delicate (the willow tree) at the same time, and has become popular with celebs, having been chosen for their daughters by Keri Russell, Philip Seymour Hoffman and David Mamet. Willa originated as the short form of Wilhelmina.

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