Winnie, Minnie, Millie, Tillie: Sweet and sassy vintage nickname names

Thank you, Jimmy Fallon, for naming your new daughter Winnie Rose, and proving our point— which is that we’re into a whole new era of nickname names.  These are worlds away from midcentury short forms like Cindy and Mindy and Marci and Lori, but go further back in time to faded Victorian favorites. It’s a trend that started in the UK, where 10% of the current Top 100 girls’ names fit this description, and several of the boys— Alfie, Archie, Freddie, Ollie—rank high as well.  Here are some of the vintage girls’ nickname names, with their uniquely charming combo of sentiment and sass, which illustrate the trend.


Evie has returned, in tandem with mother names Eve and Evelyn—and the more distanced Evangeline and Genevieve. Evie is the most popular girl nickname in England—ranking at Number 12, while still in the 600’s here. In V for Vendetta, the lead character’s name is spelled Evey.

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