Wine Label Names: Emilia and Margaux

Wine Label Names: Emilia and Margaux

by Meagan at tulip by any name

Love wine but concerned that names like Chardonnay and Merlot might raise a few eyebrows? Adult beverages might not seem like a place to look for baby names but I believe name inspiration can often be found in unlikely places. Here are some usable names, inspired by wine, and worth raising your glass to!

SonomaPlace names are all the rage. Wine lover’s will recognize Sonoma as a beautiful, romantic county in Northern California known as “wine country.” Sonoma comes from a word used by the Native Miwok tribe meaning, “many moons”.

SutterThe Sutter Home Winery is one of the biggest American family-run wineries. Sutter is a cool, current sounding English surname and occupational name, meaning “shoemaker.” Sutter could easily fit in with similar sounding -er ending names like Carter, Hunter, or Parker.

MargauxThe name of a region in France that produces wine, Margaux is a French form of the name Margot or Margo, meaning “pearl”. The most notable bearer of this name was Margaux Hemingway. Born Margot, she took on the spelling Margaux after learning she was named for the wine, Château Margaux that her parents drank the night she was conceived.

BurgundyA cool unisex color name, Burgundy is also one of the largest wine producing regions in France. Burgundy has a rich, interesting sound. Fans of the film Anchorman may also associate this name with Will Ferrell’s character, Ron Burgundy.

WinstonThe name Winston always reminds me of Winston Churchill. Churchill was named for his American mother, Sarah Winston. Once considered an “old man” name, Winston is actually coming back into fashion. An old English surname, Winston means “wines town” or “friendly town.”

EmiliaA Latin name, meaning “rival,” Emilia is rising in popularity in the U.S. I can see the appeal, as it’s a lovely feminine name, with a whole slew of nickname options – just my style! Emilia-Romagna is a wealthy region in Northern Italy known for its exquisite grapes and wine.

Calix is an old name with a great modern sound. I’m convinced that this name would be much more popular if more people knew about it. Calix comes from a Latin name, meaning “chalice” or “wine glass”. A subtle tie to wine with a cool “x” ending.

Mead is a one-syllable old English name, meaning “from the meadow.”. Not only does it have this cool reference to nature, Mead was also a popular honey wine in medieval Europe. Made from fermenting honey and water, the drink Mead is starting to pick up again– will the name follow?

Rosé is a light pink wine, often called blush. Rosé comes from the French word for the color pink. Rose is similar enough to Rosé, but seems a bit more user- friendly and with a less obvious tie to wine. A flower name with a wine connection? I think it smells just as sweet! By the way, if sweet isn’t your thing, order your Rosé dry.

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