When Granny Rolls Her Eyes at Your Top Fave

March 25, 2018 Linda Rosenkrantz

After poring over every possible source, narrowing list after list, sharing and getting sage advise on the NB forums, you and your partner have settled on the perfect name for your baby. Which you then proudly announce to your families.

But then there’s that one judgey relative—be it Grandma, big brother, or Mom-in-law– who rolls her eyes, followed by vehemently verbalizing her (more often than not) disapproval. Could be something like…

-I’ve never even heard of that name. How do you spell it anyway?

-Who would ever use a word as a name?

-That name went out with corsets and the Charleston.

Do you really want my grandchild to be laughed at and teased in school?

So: Our Question of the Week is how would you handle this situation?

Would you ponder their point and consider making a change to avoid family friction, maybe switching first and middle choices?

Would you defend your adored favorite and try to make a case for why you love it?

Would you hold your ground and firmly end the conversation?


BONUS: Here are this week’s Forum Finds from Katinka:

*What a dilemma! Torn between a family favorite, a longtime love, and a coup de coeur. Which would you choose?

*Names that you’d suggest for a celebrity? Perhaps some of these beautiful boho baby girl names would suit, ranging from the quietly quirky to the utterly unique.

*Over to the boys’ side: mythological names may be white-hot right now, but would you name your son after a dragon?

*And most kids daydream about soccer or superheroes, but for a budding name nerd it’s all about the fantasy future family! What was yours?


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