Water Names: April showers bring thoughts of Rain and River

April 12, 2012 Linda Rosenkrantz

April showers bring not only May flowers, but thoughts of April baby names—particularly water names, a category which more and more parents are finding refreshingly appealing. These include generic bodies of water appellations like Lake and Bay and Brook(e), the names of individual lakes and rivers and, finally, names whose meaning relate to water. Here are the Nameberry Picks for the 12 best water names.


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Since we don’t advocate calling your April baby Shower, the closest we can come is Rain, also spelled Raine. The now-grown daughter of Richard Pryor is Rain (she named her own daughter Lotus), and one of the nature-named Phoenix family is Rain. Raina is an alternate option—or you could go regal and spell it Reign, the middle name of Willow Smith; the male actor Rainn Wilson’s parents added an ‘n’.


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