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October 29, 2009 Pamela Redmond
vampire names

Nameberry intern and guest blogger Danielle Miksza loves all things vampire, including the strange and wonderful world of vampire baby names.  She enlightens us on the options.

Vampires seem to be everywhere these days: in books and movies, on television and the internet, even occasionally living next door.  As a twenty year-old who believes Halloween should be declared a national holiday, I can’t help but be consumed by the vampire craze.

One reason for my vampire obsession is that they are portrayed as dark and lonely creatures nobody quite understands.  As an only child, I was often lonely growing up.  I did odd things such as talk to myself or giggle at absolutely nothing.  People were a bit unnerved by me and kept their distance.  So yes, when I read about a vampire feeling like an outcast from the rest of the world, I have an idea of what that feels like.

More reasons for my vampire fanaticism: I stay up all night; I hate the sunlight, and garlic does not agree with me. Who knows? I could be a bit of a vampire myself.

Once you look past the fangs and blood lust, vampires are actually quite attractive. Who could resist a guy with incredible strength, gorgeous eyes, pointy yet very white teeth, and a handsome name? Stephenie Meyer gave us girls one of the greatest gifts of all in her series Twilight: Edward Cullen. Just the thought of that immortal makes me light-headed. He’s rich. He’s gorgeous. And he’s telepathic. How often do you come across guys like that?

Let’s also not forget the sexy boy vamps Angel and Spike from the Buffy series. Yummy! I’d stake anyone for a night out with one of them. And guys, could you honestly turn away from Anne Rice’s Gabrielle, a vampiress with silky blonde curls and a spunky personality? Sure, she has a vampire son named Lestat who acts without thinking, but the upside is that he’s a major pop icon. Prefer brunettes? Perhaps you’ll like Katherine, a female vampire who turned the Salvatore brothers, Damon and Stefan of new television show The Vampire Diaries into creatures of the night. For those of you into redheads, you’ll definitely go wild over Lucy Westenra in the movie Dracula. And don’t forget the Lycan-slaying vampire Selene in Underworld.  She’s a little hung up on the past but even I’ll say it: she’s hot!

One of the best things about vampire names is that they range from classics like James and Victoria (Twilight), to the exotic like Armand and Akasha (The Vampire Chronicles). Vampires are old legends. The names they carry are even older. Some of the timeless, and my personal favorite, vampire names are listed below:


ALICE (Twilight series)

AMELIA (Underworld)

APHRODITE (House of Night series)

BELLA (Twilight series)

BIANCA (The Dresden Files)

CLAUDIA (The Vampire Chronicles)


DARLA (Angel Novels)

ESME (Twilight)

FALA (A Demon in My View)

GWENNA (Sucker’s Bet)

HARMONY (Buffy/Angel novels)

IRINA (Twilight)

IRIS (House of Night)

IVY (Rachel Morgan)

JADE (Night World)

LARA (The Dresden Files)

LENOBIA (House of Night)

LUNA (Vampire Kisses)

MORGANA (The Vampires of Bloody Island)

MYSTERY (from my own brain)

NISSA (Night World)

PANDORA (The Vampire Chronicles)

POPPY (Night World)

PRISCILLA (Fear Street Sagas)

REMILIA (The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil)

SARA (Shattered Mirror)

SENNA (Twilight)

SONJA (Underworld: Rise of the Lycans)

SOPHIEANNE (The Southern Vampire Mysteries)

TANYA (Twilight)

TARA (The Vampire Huntress)

VENUS ( House of Night)

VIRGO (another from my own brain)

ZAFRINA (Twilight)

ZOEY (House of Night)


ALISTAIR (Twilight)

ARMAND (The Vampire Chronicles)

ASHER (Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter)

AUGUSTINE (Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter)

BILL (True Blood)

DAETRIN (The Madness series)

DAMON (The Vampire Diaries)

DARIUS (Cirque du Freak)

DIMITRI (The Vampire Academy)

DRAGON (Discworld)

FELIPE (The Southern Vampire Mysteries)

FELIX (Twilight)

GARAN (Legacy of the Dark Kind)

GARRETT (Twilight)

GAVNER (Cirque du Freak)

HUNTER (Night World)

JAGGER (In the Forests of the Night)

JAGUAR (Midnight Predator)

JASPER (Twilight)

KALEO (Shattered Mirror)

KANAME (Vampire Knight)

KLAUS (The Vampire Diaries)

KONRAD (Warhammer Fantasy)

KRAVEN (Underworld)

LANGLEY (Saint Andrew’s School)

LAURENT (Twilight)

MAGNUS (The Vampire Chronicles)

MARKO (The Lost Boys)

MALADICT (Discworld)

MALCOLM (True Blood)

MARIUS (The Vampire Chronicles)

MARLOWE (30 Days of Night)

METEOR (Cirque du Freak)

MITCHELL (Being Human)

NICOLAS (The Vampire Chronicles)

OTIS (The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod)

OTTO (Discworld)

PHURY (The Black Dagger series)

QUENTIN (I’d also like to see a vampire named Quentin. Perhaps I’ll create one)

RIDO (Vampire Knight)

SANTIAGO (The Vampire Chronicles)

SILAS (The Graveyard Book)

STEFAN (The Vampire Diaries)

THORMENT (The Black Dagger series)

VIKTOR (Underworld)

VLADIMIR (The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod)

WRATH (The Black Dagger Series)

YOLANDO (The Vampire Huntress Legend series)

ZERO (Vampire Knight

It’s time for me to slip on my plastic fangs and beg for goodies. Happy Halloween everyone, and be on the lookout for ghouls, werewolves, and your evil twin. Don’t know the name of your evil twin?  On the nameberry forums, the fabulous Nephele will anagram your name to find out who’s wreaking havoc in your image. Happy howling!

Danielle Miksza lives in Jersey City where she will be attending the local university to study creative writing. She has written several poems and is currently working on her own vampire novel. While writing and interning for nameberry, she is also working as the seating hostess at the Brownstone Diner.

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