TV Baby Names: A short history of telebabies

Ever since Little Ricky’s birth on I Love Lucy coincided with the birth of real life Desi Arnaz, Jr (aka Desiderio Alberto Arnaz IV) —which was celebrated on the cover of the very first issue of TV Guide in 1953—audiences have been interested in the arrivals—and names, of course– of TV babies.

Some of these babies had names that were typical of their eras, while others were newer and more influential. Some of the newborns were allowed to grow up, while others remained babies, some were merely plot devices that quickly vanished. One of the names was important enough to be featured in the show’s title—Hope on Raising Hope.
Here, in rough reverse chronological order, are some of the most memorable TV baby names:

Frederick Gaylord---Cheers

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On Cheers, snooty Frasier and snooty Lilith Crane just had to give their telebaby boy a pretentious sounding name, so they chose the upscale classic name that bore something of the image of Frederick the Great of Prussia, coupling it with the Southern gentleman’s middle name of Gaylord. Trivia tidbit: Frederick’s first word, uttered in the bar, was ‘Norm.’

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