To V or Not To V? Can this Mom break family tradition?

Megan , who lives just outside Philadelphia, is expecting her first boy after two little girls in June. Her daughters both have family names, but now her husband, Thomas IV, would like to continue the tradition of naming the boys in his family Thomas, making their son Thomas V. Problem is, mom’s not too keen.

Can you help her find a family name everyone will agree on? Or should she give in to hubby’s desire for a V? She writes:

“We are expecting our third baby and first boy in June.  It was easy to name our daughters – Aubryn Elizabeth (age 4) was named for my maternal grandmother and Margaret Jane (nn: Maisie, age 20 months) was named for my paternal grandmother and my mother.

My husband is Thomas IV with no middle name.  Before we were even married, my mother-in-law told me that it was expected that we would name our first son Thomas V.  I’m opposed to that for a number of reasons.  First of all, I really want my son to have a middle name.  Second, I have never particularly liked the name Thomas as a first name but would love to use it as the middle name for our son.  Third, I have never liked the tradition of naming sons after fathers – Jr., III, IV.  I know that some people love the tradition but it is not my preference.

Some names I would consider:

Henry Thomas (Henry was my paternal grandfather)
Smith Thomas (Smith is a family name)
George Thomas (My father is named George)
Gordon Thomas (Gordon is another family name)

Can you think of any other first names that go well with Thomas?  Am I being totally unreasonable by taking Thomas off the table as a first name?

Thanks for your help!”

What say you, Berries?  Should Megan bow to the family naming tradition?  Or break the pattern with a name of her own choosing?  How can this naming dilemma be resolved?

And if you have a baby name dilemma you’d like to have considered as a Berry Question of the Week, send it to  Thanks!


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