Question of the Week: The Starbaby Effect

Whether we want to or not, we can’t help being influenced by the baby name choices of celebrities–highly publicized (and judged)  as they are. So today’s question of the week is: What name have you liked more or less after/because it was chosen by a celeb?

Is there some name a notable has plucked from out of the past and made to sound fresh again?

Is there an ethnic name you never would have considered before but would now that they’ve made it more familiar?

Is there a starbaby name that may have sounded outrageous when you first heard it but which you have grown to like–and even consider using yourself? (and yes, that’s Harlow and Sparrow illustrated above.)

Have you ever thought ‘uh-oh’ when one of your faves was used by a celeb?  Has this ever made you reconsider or dismiss that name out of hand?


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