Question of the Week: How do you feel about sharing your name(s)?

November 16, 2011 Linda Rosenkrantz

Today’s QOW was inspired by a comment from jgirl525.

This week it’s a two-parter:

a.  What’s your response when you meet someone who shares your own first name? Do you feel an instant kinship or do you feel more proprietary?  If it’s a popular name, do you immediately start comparing nicknames and wondering why your parents chose a name like, say, Jennifer, of which there are now (literally) 1,424,755 in the world?

If it’s an unusual name, do you feel just a little bit resentful that it’s not yours alone?

b. Basically the same question, but this is about how it relates to the choice you made for your child.  Do you feel simpatico towards another parent who picked the same name, admiring them for their fabulous taste—or do you secretly want to shout ‘but that’s MY name’!?


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