Notable Names of February: Abraham and Amethyst

Notable Names of February: Abraham and Amethyst

By Kelly McDonald

The shortest month of the year has arrived, and with it some of the most interesting occasions on the calendar. From Valentine’s Day names to the most valuable players of the Superbowl, February is brimming with noteworthy namesakes for your little Berry. Whether you’re a history buff or a pop-culture aficionado, this list is sure to help you find a unique and timeless choice.

February Baby Names

AbrahamAbraham is a Biblical name that was more common when President Lincoln was born on February 12th of 1809. Although it hasn’t achieved the superstar status of other Old Testament names like Noah and Joshua, this moniker is actually at Number 183 on the American charts and has been rising in recent years. Abraham is a traditional choice that would be especially appropriate for those with deep religious faith—or a particular admiration for one of the greatest leaders in history.

Amethyst—An unusual choice, amethyst is the birthstone for the month of February as well as a rare girl’s name. Some purple names like Violet have been popular for decades, so why not the elegant Amethyst? This option would also work well in the middle place, especially for a girl born in the winter months.

GeorgeGeorge Washington, born on February 22, 1732, remains one of the most revered figures in presidential history. The name was once a top-ten mainstay for boys, but despite its slight decrease in popularity over time, George remains a timeless masculine choice. The name has become especially fashionable since the ultra-cool royal couple selected it for their son, whose full name is George Alexander Louis Windsor.

Harry—Pop culture sensation Harry Styles of the boy band One Direction, born February 1st, 1994, is well known for his boyish voice and iconic hairstyles, but he also boasts a great first name. Harry, originally a nickname for Henry, is masculine but friendly, and neither too popular nor obscure.

Lincoln—In addition to his stalwart first name, the sixteenth President also bore an appealing, sturdy surname. Lincoln is a versatile choice that works for boys and recently also for girls, as was demonstrated by Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard when they named their daughter Lincoln Bell Shepard in 2013. Lincoln is a solid choice with a wonderful namesake to boot.

MarleyBob Marley (born Robert Nesta) was an iconic musician who is still admired by many as probably the greatest Jamaican reggae singer-songwriter. Marley’s surname has gained attention recently as an excellent unisex choice,  currently more popular for girls, ranking at Number 209 (876 for boys) and climbing, possibly helped by the Marley Rose character on Glee..

Rose-A perfect name in first place or middle for a Valentine’s Day baby, Rose is a lovely floral name that evokes scarlet hues and sweet perfume. While it’s no Emma or Sophia, Rose is a popular name that stands at Number 224 in the U.S. and Number 27 on Nameberry.

Valentine/ValentinaValentine’s Day is a romantic and sentimental holiday named for the heroic Saint Valentine. The original name may be difficult to pull off for a modern boy, although the spunky nickname Val places it within the realm of possibility. The exotic Valentina is a gorgeous choice for a girl, with either the tomboyish Val or the adorable Tina available as nickname options.

Vivian**—**Vivian Lake Brady is the toddler daughter of renowned quarterback Tom Brady, who helped lead his team to Superbowl victory just a couple of days ago. Vivian is a vintage name that Brad Pitt and Angelina brought back into vogue–though they spelled it Vivienne. Vivian is a feminine choice with plenty of verve, and it currently stands at #119 on the national charts.

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