New Column! Nameberry Style

New Column! Nameberry Style

We all know Berries have great style, right? As an extension of the chic baby names on nameberry, today we’re excited to announce a new column on children’s style by Elisabeth Wilborn, the genius behind the name blog You Can’t Call It “It”! along with the new child style blog The Itsy Factor. Look for Elisabeth‘s new Nameberry Style column here every weekend.

Recently I wrote about names compatible with the Chinese Year of the Rabbit, from Calista to Frederick to Harley. Since then, rabbits have been multiplying at a furious pace. Whether it’s filling an Easter basket or looking to commemorate the Year of the Rabbit, the furry darlings have our undivided attention.  Here’s a roundup that has a little something for everyone.

The Flensted mobile and Berkley Illustration would be just darling in any nursery.  The Binth baby book is beautifully illustrated on every page and is sure to be a treasure for the family for many years to come.  Have some keepsakes that don’t fit into a flat book?  Maybe the Tree by Kerri Lee keepsake box will work.

The Country Bunny is a fun take on how they choose the Easter bunny, and for a book published in 1939, has a surprise feminist twist.  We read this to our daughters, and this year have our eye on the Atsuyo et Akiko necklaces and the Rabbit handbag from North American Bear.  Easter is up there among my favorite holidays, and it’s so nice to celebrate with little ones again.  Congrats to all of you expecting in the Year of the Rabbit!

Product details, including where to buy, below the picture.

From top left to right:

The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes, Amazon

Circular Bunnies Mobile, Flensted

Handbag Lop Rabbit, North American Bear Company

White Rabbit Print, Berkley Illustration

Baby Book, Binth

Janey Baby One Piece, Babysoy

Ribbon Necklace, Atsuyo et Akiko

Booties, Coral and Tusk

Jack Rabbit, Hansa

Birth Year Box, Tree by Kerri Lee

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Pamela Redmond

Pamela Redmond

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