Nature Names: What are your favorites?

nature names

Nature names can mean a lot of different things, as our all-inclusive nature baby names list demonstrates.

There are flower names, long used for girls but newly in style now.  These include familiar choices like Rose and Lily along with fashionable exotic blooms such as Dahlia and Magnolia.

Then on the botanical side, there are newer tree names, spice names, and fruit names, from Oak to Sage to Banana.

Animal names such as Fox and Wolf are a possibility, with a subspecies of bird names like Wren.

There are nature names that relate to the weather and the sky, and those that reference the land and the water — Snow, Beach, Bay.

Our question is: What are your favorite nature names?  Do you tend to like one group of names over another, prefer nature names that keep their source secret or those that come right out and say it?

Photograph by Georgia Brizuela, all rights reserved.

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