Nameberry Makeover: Boys’ Edition

Nameberry Makeover: Boys’ Edition

Tuesday we brought you the Name Gamers’ take on new spins for the Top Ten girls’ names.  Today we feature their Nameberry Makeover of the most popular boys’ names.

Thank you to nameberry mavens olivegreen, susan, lyndsayjenness, jill, amym, lola, ricamaca, and dannim26.  For more of their makeover ideas, or to join in the game, go to the Name Game board.

Remember, the idea here is to come up with fresher spins on overpopular names, but what’s so clever about these name makeovers is that the new versions convey the original names’ essence, not merely the way they look and sound.

1.    JACOBJasper, Isaac, James

2.    MICHAELMilo, Miles, Mitchell, Micah, Raphael (wow!)

3.    ETHANNathaniel, Edward, Everett, Ephraim

4.    JOSHUAJonas, Joaquin, Jasper

5.    DANIELDashiell, Dominic, Declan

6.    CHRISTOPHERCrispin, Caspian, Phineas (nice)

7.    ANTHONY —  Ansel, Antoine, August, Ambrose, Vincent (ooooh, very nice)

8.    WILLIAMWalter, George, Philip, needs no replacement!

9.    MATTHEWMoses, Maxfield, Maddox, Matthias or Matteo

10.    ANDREWAsher, Archer, Anderson, Lochlan

Any other ideas?  Let us know!

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Pamela Redmond

Pamela Redmond

Pamela Redmond is the cocreator and CEO of Nameberry and Baby Name DNA. The coauthor of ten groundbreaking books on names, Redmond is an internationally-recognized baby name expert, quoted and published widely in such media outlets as the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, The Today Show, CNN, and the BBC. She has written about baby names for The Daily Beast, The Huffington Post, and People.

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