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Although I’ve written ten books and a hundred or more nameberry  blogs on the subject, I’m happy to say that I still learn something new about names almost every day.  And a lot of it comes from our very own nameberry boards.

Often, as my work day is winding down, I’ll spend some time meandering around different forums, and sometimes will be lucky enough to come upon an exchange that I find particularly enlightening or entertaining.  This happened the other night when I encountered this post by Christy from several months ago which I found so sharp and funny that I had a ‘wow!-wish-I-had-thought-of-that’ moment.  So, rather than have it moulder in the archives, I thought it deserved to be put out here for everyone to share.

Sure Signs You Are a Name Nerd

You may be a name nerd if . . .

  • You are already planning your 2010 SSA Names Release Day party (to be celebrated with your name obsessed friends).
  • While flipping through your old daytimer, you find 20 plus lists of names and combos.
  • Whenever someone brings up one of your favorite names, you give them a detailed description of the history of its use.
  • You dress up as Michael Shackleford for Halloween (as an homage).*
  • You write a complete list of your favorite names in calligraphy, frame it, and put it in your bedroom.
  • You give people who are not expecting baby name books as gifts. (Always keep a few on hand!)
  • You are trying to bring back the name Etheldreda, and take every opportunity to convince people of its antique charm.
  • You say the Pledge of Allegiance (U.S.): “With liberty to name your kids anything you want, and justice for all.”

*In case you’re not name-nerdy enough to know this, Michael Shackelford was responsible for creating  the Social Security baby name popularity lists.

Of course this inspired a whole bunch of other opinions on the qualifications for name nerdom, such as:

  • You may be a name nerd if you are in your late 40’s, expecting grandchildren but cannot pass up any new name book that becomes available at the bookstore.
  • You may be a name nerd if you have named every one of your goldfish in your aquarium even if some look so much alike you can’t tell them apart.
  • When you find yourself visiting other people’s genealogy trees to find a cool name, then you know you are a NAME NERD! (unicorngal)
  • When visiting your mother in the hospital, before going up to her hospital room, you ask the front desk if they have a list of birth announcements for the hospital. When she says no, it’s for privacy, you sigh and walk away. (rachelmarie)
  • When, 3 months after your daughter’s birth, you have a panic attack, realizing that the name you slaved so hard to “perfect” has now ruled out other beloved combos for as-yet-unconceived siblings.  This sudden epiphany keeps you awake 4 nights in a row. (punkprincessphd)

There are lots more ideas at nametalk, but better still, why don’t you tell us your own sure-signs-you’re-a-name-nerd qualifictions?

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