More Baby Names Needed for a Short Short List

More Baby Names Needed for a Short Short List

They both have their favorites, but his list is way too short! Let’s come up with some more names for these first-time parents to ponder.

Rachel writes:

My husband and I are expecting our first child in a few months. We are definitely having a hard time agreeing on a name we both love.

My favorite is Sienna Bryce for a girl and Oliver Jamison for a boy.

My husband doesn’t like much except Natalie for a girl or Owen for a boy. I do like the names, but I’m not in love, and I don’t want to settle on a name that is for life.

We both like Elisabeth so that will likely be our middle name for a girl. (We know another girl with the name, so it can’t be the first.)

I also like Emelia, Georgia, Selina, Casey, Annika, and Danica for a girl, and Lincoln, Emmett, and Archer.

Our last name is Ukrainian, is three syllables, starts with Pr- and ends with -uk.

I’m hoping you can give us some more ideas that my husband may be open to. Thanks!

The Name Sage replies:

Baby naming with a partner sometimes feels like this: you walk into a restaurant and the only thing on the menu is chicken parmesan.

You don’t dislike the dish, but it’s not your favorite. If only there were a few more options, you might be delighted with chicken marsala or chicken piccata. But a menu consisting of one item? It just doesn’t work.

It sounds like your styles are basically in sync, so the challenge isn’t exactly about finding a middle ground. I think your instinct is exactly right. You just plain need more options to talk over!

If your husband is reluctant, here’s why it matters. Exploring other possibilities is what makes you confident in your final decision – even if you do end up naming your child Sienna or Owen.

Let’s look at girls’ names first.

Caroline – As classic as Elisabeth, but with the potential nickname Carey/Carrie, which reminds me of Casey from your list.

Daphne – Again, Daphne was inspired by Casey. It still feels breezy and informal, but edges closer to Natalie in terms of style.

Edie – Sticking with names ending in the –ee sound, Edie reminds me of the more vintage names on your list, like Georgia and Emelia.

Felicity – As lovely and lyrical as Selina and Sienna, but with the rhythm of Natalie your husband loves.

NataliaNatalia takes your husband’s favorite name and transforms it into more of a flowing choice in the key of Annika and Selina.

VioletNatalie and Elisabeth are slightly more tailored, so I wonder if a name with a non-a ending might appeal more to your husband?

Now, let’s talk boy names.

EverettEmmett is on your list; Everett feels like a slightly edgier spin on Emmett.

Henry – I can imagine Henry as a brother to Oliver or Owen, so I think it deserves consideration.

Julian – In many ways, Julian is a traditional name. But, like Owen and Oliver, it’s more popular in the 21st century than at any point in the past century or so.

Miles, Milo – Two more names that have plenty of history, but are much more common today than in decades past.

Nate – If he loves Natalie for a girl, would he love Nate – or Nathan or Nathaniel – for a boy? I think Nate stands on its own nicely.

Orion – Since you both like O names, it’s tempting to go down the list of possibilities. I think Orion is among the best of the bunch.

Theo – Of course, the O doesn’t have to be the first initial. Lots of great names end in o. I wonder if Theo would appeal? It’s traditional, but upbeat and friendly, too.

Overall, my favorite is Felicity, because I think it combines the best of names like Natalie and Sienna/Selina. Plus it carries an auspicious meaning – happy – and works nicely with Elisabeth. Though Felicity Bryce is stunning!

For boys, I think Theo might be a great compromise. It feels traditional, like Oliver, and has the strong O sound of Owen. Theo Jamison makes a great combination.

Readers, their list needs to be longer! What would you suggest to Rachel and her husband?

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