Lucky Baby Names: The Luck of the (Non) Irish

Lucky Baby Names: The Luck of the (Non) Irish

By Courtney Ligon

St. Patrick’s Day is upon us, and while many of us will at least pretend to be Irish for the day, you may not feel that you have a little Siobhan or Seamus in your future. So while there is an abundance of strong and appealing Irish names, there are also plenty of great name options that honor the spirit of luck and good fortune that surround the day, without demanding that your little one pop out singing Danny Boy. So here are some names that mean luck.


Delyth: A Welsh name meaning “pretty and blessed,” Delyth sounds strong, yet has a lovely meaning. It would be a wonderful choice for parents who love Delilah, but don’t love the unfortunate “temptress” association.

Felicity: On trend with the virtue names that are so popular right now, Felicity is a strong, happy choice. More modern than Felicia or Phyllis, Felicity would be a charming honorary name for either of those. It now ranks at #360 in popularity, 112 on Nameberry.

Kiaria: A Japanese name meaning “good fortune,” this melodic name is different enough to be unique, but still feels familiar. It will fit in nicely with all the Kiera/Keiras and Arias on the playground, while being much more distinctive.

Lakshmi: A popular name in India, this name has not broken the Top 1000 in the U.S. yet. A name that exudes grace and charm (Padma Lakshmi certainly wears her name well), Lakshmi is the goddess of abundance, beauty, and prosperity. What a lovely name to bestow upon a little girl.

Winifred: Is there a cuter nickname for a little girl than Winnie? While there are several ways to get to Winnie (Wilhelmina, Edwina, and Gwyneth, to name a few), Winifred, which includes blessed in its meaning, feels a bit unexpected and fresh.

Zada : An exotic choice coupled with a zesty Z beginning; a little girl with this name would surely stand out against of sea of Olivias and Isabellas. Its Arabic pronunciation is ZAH-da.


Asher: Asher is a wonderful biblical choice  meaning fortunate, blessed. I fell in love with this name as a child when I came across a character named Asher in the book The Giver by Lois Lowry. And the nickname Ash is right on point with other wonderful boy nickname names popular right now, such as: Ace, Max, and, Ash’s close cousin, Dash.

Chauncy: A French name with plenty of pomp and circumstance to accompany its fortunate meaning, Chauncy is an old name with a quirky vibe. It feels a bit Southern, and definitely a bit regal.

Edmund: The phrase what’s old is new again absolutely applies to Edmund, a name that reached its peak in the U.S. in 1914. Another great literary name (any Austen or Lewis fans out there?), Edmund feels fresher than Edward, and allows for the nickname of Teddy without using Theodore. Eamon is the cheery Irish version.

Hazard: A decidedly unexpected choice hailing from the French, Hazard feels a little rebellious, but a lot of fun. I picture a devil-may-care little boy owning this name on the playground.

Sealey: A little-used English surname, Sealey hails from the Cornwall region. This name is perfect for parents looking for a softer, yet still masculine name for their little boy. It also fits in nicely with many of the popular surnames that are being used as first names, like: Marley, Lennon, and Quinn.

No matter which name you choose, your little leprechaun is sure to bring joy and good fortune to your life for many years to come!

Courtney is a wife, mama, and wordsmith living in the Chicago suburbs with her husband, their precocious daughter and cuddly pup–and is a lifelong lover of names.

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Linda Rosenkrantz

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