Latest Babyberry Names Are Full of Love

Latest Babyberry Names Are Full of Love

Nameberry’s latest batch of beautifully named babies are here! These are the combined birth announcements for February and March from our Berry community.

The names chosen by our newest parents radiate love and positivity. Some choices put these sweet sentiments front and center, with positive word and virtue names such as Peace, Light, Verity and Loveday. Others, like Beatrice, Jane and Gregory, were chosen for their deep personal meanings.

A notable trend among fashion-forward Berry parents is the move away from the dominant A ending sound for girls. Names with final consonant sounds, like Rose, Pearl and Josephine, are increasingly taking center stage.

For boys, softer sounds, gender-neutral names, and romantic associations are also trending with our members.

Here, the newest additions to the Nameberry community and some of the sweet stories behind their names.

Girl Names

Beatrice Aurelia

“Beatrice means ‘she who brings happiness’ and after a difficult year full of loss, including the death of a beloved grandpa just days before she was born, we felt it was fitting. I like how the name is prim and proper, but has lots of funky nicknames - Bebe, Bea, Birdie, and Bee."


"I made a list of my top four girl names - Amity, Beatrix, Drucilla, and Lilith. I shared it with some close family and friends and asked them to pick their favorite. When any of the other names were picked, I was disappointed. I thought I was just sad for the name being so unappreciated. But when Drucilla was picked, I was elated."

Jane Rose, sister to Maria Julietta Grace, Vera Cordelia Pearl and Jack Sawyer

“Jane is not a name I would have normally gravitated towards, but was the obvious choice as I wanted to honor my son with her name. Hearing Jane’s name is a reminder of Jack’s which I don’t get to hear people call him in person and wish more than anything that he were here to be called by name.”

Josephine Myrtle Peace, sister to Evelyn Verna Mercy, Margaret Katherine Hope, Liliana Christina Joy, Dorothea Theresa Grace, Elisabeth Adeline Glory, Mariana Rosalie Faith, Corinna Beatrice Truth and Theodore John Wycliffe

“We’ve chosen Peace as her virtue name. We live in a world literally at war. But as Christians, we believe this present darkness will not last. It cannot. For God is bringing a kingdom of peace. Our prayer for our daughter is that she will be, in her own smaller way, that sort of peacemaker in this broken world.”

Michaela Grace, sister to Molly, Sophia and Olivia

Pearl Eloise, sister to Abel Benjamin, Olive Claire and Fern Mabel

“Thank you for your help deciding on Pearl’s middle name!”

Rosemary Kay “Rosie”

“Thank you to this community! It was so fun going from long time reader to first time poster as we were pondering our little girl’s name.”

Verity Eilidh Clover, twin of Jago Gregory Finch

"I was looking through a journal that I’ve been using for keeping records and memories of lots of different aspects of my pregnancy and I had a section with list upon list of names that I love but had not been on the official list. Verity just felt so right. We love it and think it has a strength to it whilst still being feminine."

Boy Names

August Dylan, brother to Desmond James and Eleanor Rose

“We liked August Dylan together and the combined meaning via Nameberry: magnificent son of the sea.”

Jago Gregory Finch, twin of Verity Eilidh Clover

"I decided to give the babies a second middle that is a little more 'whimsical' (as my fiancé puts it) and I loved Finch for a boy. I like the To Kill A Mockingbird link and that finches symbolise joy and happiness."

Jasper Anduin

“Anduin (AN-do-in) is the name of the great river that connects most of Tolkien’s books, winding from the Misty Mountains, through Rivendell, and down to Gondor. It’s even more fitting because he’s a Pisces. We love that it’s nerdy and a little unexpected, but doesn’t sound too offbeat. And it fits us perfectly.”

Kit, brother to Pax

“We meant to spend the two days in the hospital testing out two names. Lane had been my slight favorite the whole time, but I couldn’t switch gears from Kit to Lane. Like, my normally indecisive brain could call him Kit but totally balked at even trying Lane out. Even two weeks later now, my husband and I sometimes look at each other and sigh, ‘I love his name.’”

Light Alifair Loveday, brother to Noble Matthew Pendragon, Rune Vala Evenstar and Frost Cameron Evergreen

“Loveday is a traditional Cornish name given to children born on a day when people would come together to resolve their differences with kindness. A fitting name in a crazy world that could use more love and kindness. As a fun bonus, a loveday is also a type of daffodil, which is the birth flower of March, his birth month!”

Romeo Gabriel Michael, brother to Olivia

“We are delighted we went with Romeo. And our concerns about Shakespeare references or any negative associations were put to rest. It isn’t conventional but not remote which I like. A perfect companion for sister Olivia!”

Congratulations to all of the proud new parents!

If you’d like your child’s name to be featured in our next Babyberry blog post, tell us the name you chose and the story behind it over on our birth announcements forum. We love hearing from you!

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