Pregnancy Tips: A last-minute check list

Pregnancy Tips: A last-minute check list


Few women who’ve done it would say that giving birth is easy. But preparing the way helps. Here are some last-minute tips to get ready for your big day.

Install the Car Seat

The one absolutely essential piece of baby gear is your infant car seat. Most hospitals won’t let baby leave unless you’ve got one. If you’re driving your own car, go ahead and put the seat in now, so you have plenty of time to make sure it’s installed correctly. If you’ll be taking a taxi, practice installing it in a car once or twice to familiarize yourself with the seat.

Visit the Drugstore

To cut down on errands during the blissful, exhausting days after baby arrives, stock up on maxi pads (believe us — you’ll need them!),newborn diapers, alcohol-free baby wipes, and laundry detergent. Other postpartum comfort items recommended by veteran moms: a gentle laxative or stool softener (as your Ob-gyn for a recommendation), rubber gloves for filling with crushed ice (ideal for applying to sore spots), gauze pads and witch hazel (again, helps ease soreness), and a donut pillow.

Stock the Freezer & Pantry

Channel that “nesting instinct” energy into the kitchen? cook up some easy-to-freeze meals for heating and eating when baby keeps you busy. And while you’re at the grocery store, get some easy-to-grab snacks like dried fruit, granola bars, and healthy cereals, perfect for those days when sitting down to a meal isn’t in the cards.

Call in Reinforcements

Line up help for the first week or two of baby’s life. Every couple can use an extra pair of helping hands while adjusting to life with a newborn. If family members are willing to help, definitely recruit them. Other ideas: arrange for temporary cleaning help, hire a reliable teen to entertain the older kids, or enlist a doula for postpartum visits. These ideas may sound like splurges now, but you’ll find that conserving your energy in those first hectic weeks is worth a few extra dollars

Don‘t Forget a Pet Sitter!

It’s easy to let your pet slip your mind during this busy time. If you need to recruit someone to feed and/or walk your pet while you’re away, ask in advance, and remember to call your help when the time comes.

Have Transportation Ready

Make sure to keep the car tanked up with gas. If you’re planning to call for a taxi, try out the company’s service beforehand to make sure it is fast and reliable.

Rehearse Your Hospital Trip

When labor begins, you won’t want to worry about which highway is under construction. Take at least one practice run with your partner to the hospital or birthing center, and map out a backup route, as well, in case of unforeseen traffic jams or road closings.

Practice Checking In

If you haven’t already, sign up for a tour of the birthing areas and ask about check-in procedures. Scope out the parking situation and find out which entrance to use if you arrive at 2 a.m.


Ask your hospital or birthing center about pre-registering, which allows you to take care of some of the paperwork and insurance matters ahead of time. Check with your insurance company, too, to find out what needs to happen to get your baby on your plan as soon as he or she arrives.

Pack Your Bag

A few weeks before your due date, gather your supplies for the hospital, pack them up, and put the bag in an easy-to-spot place. Tape a note to the top listing any last-minute things you’ll need to throw in: toothbrush, deodorant, etc.

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