June Berrybabies: Acacia, Amelie and 2 Augusts!

July 2, 2018 Linda Rosenkrantz

By Linda Rosenkrantz

You’ll find a load of amazing A-names in the berrybaby announcements of June—Acacia, Ada, Amelie, Audrey, Adam and two Augusts! And for once, the boys outnumber the girls. Also, some amazing inspirations behind the names, from Ada Lovelace to Jane Austen, Oscar Wilde, C.S Lewis, and T.S. Eliot. What an enlightened bunch we are!

Here is the full list of June baby names used by our berries:


Acacia Olive, sister to Sienna Hollie and Ezeriah Cohen

Ada Faye, sister of Lennox

“My husband announced that if our first born was a girl she would be Ada (after the amazing Ada Lovelace) with no discussion or exception, he felt so strongly. However, she was a he, our firstborn Lennox (Lenny). So when we found out our next was a girl, she was destined to be Ada. I toyed with Adalie but in the end she’s a ball of spunk and determination and Ada suits her.”

Amelie Ayala

“Her first name was inspired by the film Amelie Poulain which is a favorite of mine and her papa’s and Ayala is her father’s mother’s family name, which I thought sounded beautiful and melodic.”

Audrey Elizabeth Rose, sister of Eva Lily Catherine

“We ended up choosing Audrey because we love the meaning (“strength”) since it is so relevant to our journey to parenthood, and decided on Rose for the second middle because it ties in with big sister Eva’s floral middle.”

Clover Jude

Emersyn Josephine Ardith (“Emie Joe”), sister of Dylan Brigid and Finley Isabel

“Emersyn is named from Irish legend for an ideal woman said to possess the six gifts of womanhood, the gifts of beauty, song, speech, handiwork, wisdom and the gift of modesty. That she too may be likewise gifted….the floral bible name Ardith, meaning “flowering fields,” is after my dh beloved grandmother.”

Jacinda Marguerite, sister of Nolan Evander

“I think Jacinda sounds delicate yet strong, also unique but not too out there. It’s not so different from other nda names (Lucinda, Belinda, Melinda) but it has a fresher feel, in my opinion…It means Hyacinth flower and I had seen them growing wildly throughout the pregnancy…It was also Nolan’s favorite of all our name choices, and then my husband had the final say in choosing—since I named Nolan (after New Orleans, our favorite city).”

Nell Kary

“We love the simplicity of Nell and the meaning—bright, shining one. Her middle name is a combination of our mothers’, Karrie and Mary.”


 Adam Lyon Blakley

“Adam is a name I came up with from a character on Chicago PD and I liked that it was simple, classic, easy to pronounce and spell, but not super common. I’ve had nothing but great reaction to it and it fits him perfectly. Lyon is my grandmother’s family name and Blakley is a family name of my husband…I love all things British, including their use of two middle names.”

August Charles, brother of Frances Rose

August Eliot (“Gus”), brother of Charles “Cal” Alasdair and James “Jem” Lysander

Picking a third name was so tricky this time around! But we’re American expats living in Germany, so we chose August to honor my husband’s ancestor who emigrated from Germany to the United States. His middle name was inspired by T.S. Eliot, my favorite poet, and it’s also a bit of a nod to Elliott and his “traveler” friend in the movie E. T., as we hope to impart to Gus a sense of wanderlust and spirit of adventure.”

Casper John, brother of Adelaide Gray

“I was reminded of the name Casper here on Nameberry several years ago and it made its way to my long list when we were expecting our first in 2016. My husband only kind of liked it then…and this time around, it was the only boy name he liked to go with middle name John that honors his father. It seems to suit him perfectly and we love how it pairs with big sister’s name.”

Edmund “Teddy” Ernest, brother of Walter Theodore

Edmund is for Edmund from The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, one of my husband’s favourite books growing up…We also love the meaning of Edmund and there’s a Jane Austen quote that says “There is a nobleness in the name of Edmund.” …And as a fan of The Importance of Being Earnest, the name has a fun feel to it, whilst still being an old, clunky name which we love.”

Gus Gold, brother of Leo Stone and Rose January

“Gold was my grandmother’s maiden name.”

Hershel “Hershey/Hersh”

“I first saw the name Hershel in the Professor Layton games but never really considered it until I fell pregnant this time and it just seemed to fit and we have a H surname so sounds superhero-esque and there’s nothing wrong with that!”

Ren Wilder, brother of Lark Anais and Margot Lux

Rex Thaddeus, brother of Zadie Avalyn and Lula Adelaide

Wyatt George, brother of Elliott James, Charlotte Ruth and Annette May

“Wyatt was my husband’s choice to match with our other children’s ‘tt’ names. George is after his uncle who has been an incredible role model and friend for our other kids throughout the years.”

 What are your favorites this month—which name, name/middle combo, sibset?


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