January Babyberries Ring in the New Year

January Babyberries Ring in the New Year

Nameberry parents kicked off the new year in style with the bright, fresh, natural baby names chosen by our members in January.

Unusually, the number of baby boys far outweighed the girls this month: seven to two. But across the gender spectrum, nature names have been in full bloom! 

Almost every single Babyberry birth announced in January included at least one nature-inspired moniker – from rising stars like Rowan and Wren to true rarities like Trillium and Ilmari.

And our members added extra charm and versatility with cute and creative nicknames like Ozzy and Tilly, Mae and Kit.

Here are all of the brilliant baby names announced by Nameberry members in January.

Girl Names

Mabel Emilia Lavender, sister to Archer Cohen Bear, Atlas Fraser Finch and Wilder Charlie Phoenix

“I have loved Mae names since my early teens, in part to honor a beloved family member. Normally we choose middle names to honor but we chose her middle names purely from names we love. I love floral names and struggled to decide between Lavender, Zinnia, Poppy or Primrose, but Lavender seemed to fit her perfectly.”

Trillium Kelly

“She is our first and my partner and I have been sitting on this name for a few years, both agreeing to it as soon as we heard this lovely little flower name. We call her Tilly for short.”

Boy Names

August Wren, brother to Gideon Fox

“Our little bundle of joy arrived two weeks early, happy and healthy!”

Christopher Rowan

“Christopher, nicknamed Kit, was something we fell in love with right from the start. My husband and I met at university in Canterbury, in the UK. It’s where the Elizabethan playwright Christopher Marlowe is from. He was also known as a Kit. So the first name is very much an homage to our favourite city and the place we met.”

Leo Grey

“Our team green turned blue yesterday! We welcomed a healthy baby boy into the world. It must have been meant to be because we picked our boy name months ago and I was still agonizing over Clara vs. Claire vs. Olivia the morning of the birth!”

Oscar Emil, brother to Hadley Estelle and Sullivan Eli

“Ozzy joins big sister Haddie and big brother Sully.”

Raphael Oisin, brother to Lorenzo Stavros and Sebastian Fiorello

Robin Ilmari

“We picked Robin pretty early on even though it wasn’t on my radar at all before I got pregnant. It was right after my first ultrasound scan – since we knew we wouldn’t be finding out the sex, I pulled up a random list of gender neutral names to see if anything would click, and Robin suddenly stood out as the perfect name for our baby due in December. It works well in both languages our families speak, English and Finnish, and we love that it’s a nature name that has various connections to legends and mythology. I particularly like the idea of robins representing the new year triumphing over the old year.”

Shepherd Wilder, brother to Monroe Beatrice and Indie Florence

“We almost went with another option because I was worried about Shepherd being too cheesy with a Christmas Eve birthday, but ultimately, it was the name we have loved for years and it just felt too perfect not to use. Wilder is a family name like big sisters’ middles.”

Congratulations to all of the proud new parents!

If you’d like your child’s name to be featured in our next Babyberry blog post, tell us the name you chose and the story behind it over on our birth announcements forum.

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