Indian Names: 25 evergreen choices

Indian Names: 25 evergreen choices

Here is a list of Indian names that haven’t lost their charm or popularity, putting them squarely in the category of evergreen Indian names.


Aditya means ‘the Sun’ and it is believed that the person with this name will bring as much brightness and intensity into the world as the sun. The name gained popularity in the 80’s and is still very commonly used. Even companies have adopted this name to suggest that they will bring brightness in people’s lives.


Indicating richness and prosperity, the name Aishwarya originated in the South Indian states and is generally used for females. It was further popularized when the Indian beauty Aishwarya Rai became Miss World in 1994.


Ajay means one who is unconquered. In ancient India, the title ‘Ajay’ was given to triumphant kings. Since then, its usage hasn’t decreased. Its popularity was bolstered by the innumerable movies in which actor Ajay Devgan was featured with his own name. It might come as a surprise, but New Jersey is the US state which has the most people named Ajay per capita.


Anjali means offerings with both the hands. A female given this name is believed to be an offering from the god himself and it believed that the name gives the person the ability to resolve conflicts by and therefore creating harmony in the world around her. Anjali was used by many queens of ancient India and still remains popular.


The boys’ name Chetan literally means life, symbolizing the zest and gusto that a person brings into other’s lives. The name originated in Sanskrit, but has also been adopted by the Nepalese and endures as one of the most common names in India, ranking in the Top 25. The popular author Chetan Bhagat has made this name trendy again.


Khushboo means fragrance, a word used to symbolize the scent of flowers, and of beauty itself..


Lata is a Hindi word that means the creeper vine, and is a name given to females to denote the beauty that a girl child adds to the family, just like the vine that beautifies the garden


The name Mamta means motherly love. It is believed that just as a mother’s love is unconditional, the love of a daughter who has this name will also be unconditional. Mamta was the name of the wife of Asija, a sage in Indian mythology; there are parts of India where Mamta is considered a goddess.


Manish means genius, literally ‘the god of the mind’. The name has been used since ancient times and found in Indian mythologies.


Man’ in Sanskrit means mind, ‘Ooj’ is derived from the word ‘ojus’ which means ‘the internal fire’,  therefore Manoj literally means a fire arising out of the mind, or an intellectual mind. The name also represents Lord Kamadev, the god of love. In Marathi, it means “one who can easily understand what is in others’ minds.”


Mohan is another name for Lord Krishna, whose handsome, charming persona attracts everyone around him and so is symbolic of one who can mesmerize many by his good looks, style and charm.


Mona represents a person who is very sharp, but lacks self-consciousness, one who is deeply influenced by life’s beauties. The name was also used in a well-known tag “Mona darling” in a famous Bollywood flick.


The literal meaning of Pooja is worship. In the Indian culture, a young girl is considered to be a living goddess who should be worshipped. The name is an effort at reminding people to respect females, expressing the dedication of society towards a girl child.


The literal meaning of the male name Prem is love, symbolizing a person who fills others with love, warmth and care. The name has been popularized in Bollywood by actor Salman Khan, who has chosen to be named Prem in most of his blockbuster romantic movies.


In Hindu mythology, Radha is the childhood friend of Lord Krishna, their trust, compassion and togetherness exemplary. Although Radha could not marry Krishna, she is paired with him forever, as a friend, philosopher and guide.


The name Rahul has a variety of meanings in Sanskrit, the most common meaning being ‘able’ or ‘efficient’. This popular male name in India was the name of Gautam Buddha’s son. Another meaning of Rahul is ‘an offspring of lightening’. Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan has used this name for his characters in most of his romantic flicks.


Rajesh refers to a person who is the ruler of all kings, ‘Raja’ meaning king and ‘isha’ the ruler. It is also reminiscent of one of the first superstars of Indian cinema, Rajesh Khanna, who was everyone’s heartthrob during the 60’s and the 70’s.


Raja means king and is a term used to describe a princely ruler. It can be used to indicate someone who has leadership qualities.


Ramesh is one of the names of the Hindu god Vishnu. The name means ‘preserver’ or one who saves others from danger. This name has been commonly used in Indian families since time immemorial.


The literal meaning of Rekha is line. The famous Laxman Rekha, in the Indian epic Ramayana, was the line drawn for Sita, within which she was supposed to stay confined to ensure her safety. Rekha also means the lines adorning deities, like the three cross-wise white lines ornamenting Shiva’s forehead.


Rohit literally means the color ‘red’ and is commonly used by Jains, Sikhs, Hindus and Nepalese. Rohit also means ‘the first rays of the sun,’ which have a red tinge and provides positivity to anybody who seeks it. The name Rohit has been extensively used in Bollywood movies as a modern-day Hindi name.


Sanjay means victorious: this was the name of the royal official in the Hindu mythology Mahabharata, from which it gains its meaning.


The word Vijay means ‘win’ or ‘victory’ and has been forever etched in the Indian mind as Vijay Deenanath Chauhan, the name popularized by actor Amitabh Bacchan in his movies.


A distinctive Punjabi Hindu name, Vimmy has been used by a number of characters in Punjabi serials and even in Bollywood flicks. Though not having any particular meaning, Vimmy has been used to denote a spirited, vivacious and cheerful Punjabi girl.


Meaning happy and contented, Vinod is of Sanskrit origin. The name gained recognition via the renowned actor Vinod Khanna.

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