Hindu Names With Beautiful Meanings

Hindu Names With Beautiful Meanings

Happy Diwali to all of our readers who are celebrating this week!

Symbolizing the triumph of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, and good over evil, the Hindu festival of lights is one of the most important occasions in the cultural calendar.

And it’s a perfect opportunity to shine a light on Hindu names – particularly those with bright and beautiful meanings relating to light, joy, love, family and prosperity, which feel especially fitting for this festive season.

Hindu Naming Customs

According to Hindu tradition, babies are formally named on the eleventh or twelfth day after birth, in a ceremony called Namkaran or Namakarana, which literally means “act of naming”. This ceremony is considered to be one of the key rites of passage in a Hindu person’s life.

Although modern Hindu parents may choose names based on sound, style or associations, traditionally Hindu families consult with a Vedic astrologer called a pandit for guidance on selecting an auspicious name for their child.

Depending on the particular time, date and place of the baby’s birth, as well as the position of the stars and planets, the pandit suggests a letter or sound that the name should begin with, and in some cases an appropriate meaning. Following this guidance is believed to promote good character and prosperity.

Hindu baby names are often inspired by deities and legendary figures, religious rituals, positive character traits, or the natural world. But names inspired by pop culture and celebrity are becoming increasingly popular as well.

Meaning and associations are very important when it comes to Hindu names. Names are believed to play a significant role in a person’s life and fortunes, so positive meanings are a must.

Read on for a selection of Hindu names with beautiful meanings perfect for the festive season.

Hindu Girl Names

Abha – splendour, light

Aditi – goddess of fertility and the universe

Aruna – reddish brown, dawn

Chandra – moon, shining

Devi – mother goddess

Diya – lamp, light

Esha – desire, wish

Gita – song

Indira – beauty

Jaya – victory

Jyoti – light

Karishma – miracle

Kavita – poem

Lakshmi – goddess of good fortune and beauty

Lila – play, amusement

Nandita – joy

Parvati – goddess of love and power

Priya – beloved

Puja – honor, worship

Radha – success

Rati – rest, pleasure

Shakti – power, divinity

Shivani – kind, auspicious

Sunita – wise

Hindu Boy Names

Agni – fire god

Ajay – unconquered

Anand – happiness, bliss

Arjun – bright, shining

Dev – god

Ganesh – god of wisdom and good luck

Jai – victory

Kalyan – beautiful, auspicious

Kama – god of love

Kavi – sage, poet

Madhur – sweet

Manu – wise

Nitya – eternal

Prasad – brightness, graciousness

Rakesh – lord of the full moon

Rama – pleasing, beautiful

Rishi – sage, poet

Rohan – ascending

Sandip – blazing

Sanjay – triumphant

Surya – sun god

Vasu – excellent

Vihaan – dawn

Vivek – distinction

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