Heroine Names: A Memorial Day salute

Heroine Names: A Memorial Day salute

When Memorial Day—then called Decoration Day—was first observed on May 30, 1868 to honor and decorate the graves of the Civil War dead, much of the impetus for it came from women—particularly in the South.  It was a woman poet who conceived the idea of wearing poppies on Memorial Day to honor those who died serving the nation during war. 

Over the years, though, the emphasis has been on the brave G.I. Joes who sacrificed their lives.  But we’re here to say that there were many equally courageous women who played their parts in and out of the military—as soldiers (sometimes disguised as men—we have to assume they didn’t have to pass a physical), battlefield nurses, scouts and guides, spies (many), messengers and couriers.

Here are the heroine names  (including a few unusual ones) of some of the outstanding women who served from the Revolutionary War to World War II—worthy namesakes all.

Amabel Scharff Roberts—World War I

Anne Hennis Trotter Bailey –Revolutionary War—sometimes known as “Mad Anne” for her recklessness

Annie G FoxWorld War II

Beatrice Guilden Byerly—Revolutionary War

Cathay Williams, aka William Cathay—Civil War

Clara Barton (born Clarissa Harlowe) – Civil War

Edith Greenwood—World War II

Ellen May Tower—Spanish-American War

Frances Slanger—World War II

Ginnie Moon—Civil War

Hannah Harringon Clark—Revolutionary War

Harriet Tubman—Civil War

Irene Robar—World War I

Jacqueline Cochran—World War II

Jane Rignel—World War I

Jennie Hodgers, aka Albert Cashier—Civil War

Linnie Leckrone—World War I

Loreta Janeta Velazquez , aka Lt. Harry Buford—Civil War

Lottie Moon—Civil War

Lucy Brewer, aka George Baker,–War of 1812

Margaret Cochran Corbin—Revolutionary War (the first woman to receive a government pension as a disabled soldier)

Martha McFarlane McGee Bell—Revolutionary War

Maud Fitch—World War I

Nancy Hart Douglas—Civil War

Opha Johnson—World War I

Pauline Cushman—Civil War

Sarah Borginis—Mexican-American War

Sarah Emma Edmonds, aka Franklin Thompson—Civil War

Sarah Rosetta Wakeman—Civil War

Virginia Roush d’AlbertLake—World War II


Wishing you all a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

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