Jennifer Garner Baby Name: Vote Now!

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck welcomed their second little girl yesterday, joining big sister Violet Anne. Since the new Jennifer Garner baby name has not been announced, and as Violet‘s name has been so influential, we thought it would be fun to do a quick nameberry poll trying to guess the new baby’s name.

Violet‘s name can lead in several different directions. Using Violet as a starting point, do you think the new Jennifer Garner baby name will be:

A GENTLY OLD-FASHIONED NAME– An old-fashioned name like Beatrice or Eliza would go perfectly with Violet.

A FLOWER NAME — A lot of starbaby watchers are guessing the new baby will have another flower name, such as Iris or Daisy.

A HIPSTER NAME — Violet definitely has hipster cred, and her little sister might be Annabel, Matilda, or June.

A SWEET NAME — Violet‘s little sister might very sweetly be Grace or Willow.

A COLOR NAME — Violet is a color as well as a flower, so might the new Jennifer Garner baby be named Scarlett? Ruby? Turquoise?

What do you think? Vote here! And leave your best guess for the actual name. The first person who hits it on the nose (assuming there’s more than one) will get an advance copy of our upcoming book, Cool Irish Names for Babies!

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