9 Great Surname Names for Boys

9 Great Surname Names for Boys

By Abby Sandel

Surname names for boys blend the best of traditional and modern. They’re fresh and unexpected, but also familiar and usually easy to spell. Whether they’re found on your family tree or not, there’s a good chance that surname names appear on your boys’ list.

After all, the current US Top 100 is packed with picks like chart-topping Mason, as well as Carter, Carson, Cooper, Logan, Landon, Lincoln, Parker, Jackson, Grayson, Hudson, Tyler, and Sawyer.

If you’re looking for similar names that are still under-the-radar, jump to the end of the alphabet. There are plenty of undiscovered W surname names for boys with all the appeal of current favorites.

These make great substitutes for current Top 1000 names Walker, Weston, and Wilder – or really, for any of the popular last-names-first choices.

WaldenHenry David Thoreau’s enduring memoir transformed Walden from a simple English surname and place name to a deeply meaningful statement on nature and self-reliance. It’s been used sparingly as a given name for generations. Nickelodeon animated series Wow! Wow! Wubzy! included a Walden; so did Two and a Half Men, thanks to Ashton Kutcher’s tech billionaire character. In real life, 1960s singer Bobby Darin was born Walden Cassotto.

Walton – Only a few letters away from Walden, Walton nonetheless has different roots, and a slightly different vibe. It comes from another Old English place name turned surname, and brings to mind long-running, nostalgia-rich television series The Waltons . It might be a logical way to reinvent the name Walter. Another possibility in this category? Sherlock’s trusted sidekick, Watson.

Warner – Preppy, polished Warner was the boyfriend’s name in Legally Blonde. (He’s handsome, but not so nice.) Today, Warner fits right in with all those ends-in-r names for boys. It’s one of several W surname names that could catch on, including occupational Weaver and Wheeler. The four Warner Brothers founded a movie studio and entertainment company that flourishes a century later.

WellsWells originally referred to someone who lived near a well, or possibly maintained one. Today it feels every bit as buttoned-down as Warner. Wells could be a nickname for Maxwell, along with Wellington, the name Rosie Pope chose for her second son. It’s a great alternative to rising favorites like Brooks or Hayes.

Wiley – Surname Wiley sounds like long-time Irish favorite Riley, but is far less common. A cousin to William, or possibly another place name-turned-surname, it can also be spelled Wylie. There’s something friendly about this name, and adventurous, too. In 1933, Wiley Post became the first aviator to fly around the world solo. Another option? The literary Wilkie, chosen as a middle name by Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick for son James.

WinslowO ending names like Leo, Milo, and Arlo are quite stylish today. While Harlow has gone to the girls, Winslow is used in equal – and very small – numbers for both. Noted American artist Winslow Homer lends this name a certain creative spirit.

Whitaker – Originally a place name meaning white field or wheat field, today Whitaker brings to mind wit and wisdom – admirable qualities. Actor Forest Whitaker makes it broadly familiar, and in the UK, Whitaker’s Almanack is a widely-read reference book, going on its 149th edition.

Winchester – If we’re naming children Remington, why not Winchester? Besides the rifle, Winchester is also associated with more than two dozen places in the US, as well as the thirteenth century King Henry III of England – born Henry of Winchester. The family at the heart of long-running television hit Supernatural also answers to this surname. While Winchester remains rare, it is gaining in use.

Wyeth – This surname name belongs to two noted American artists: illustrator NC Wyeth, and his son, painter Andrew (The illustration is by N. C. Wyeth). It sounds like Top 100 favorite Wyatt, but it’s not clear if they’re related. Wyeth has been used in small numbers since the 1960s. It’s a surname name both creative and unexpected.

What are your favorite W surname names for boys?