Girl Middle Names: What’s best for Gracie?

August 20, 2019 Abby Sandel
by Abby Sandel Let’s solve the riddle of the girl middle name for their due-in-December daughter. Stephanie writes: We are expecting our first child, a daughter, in Josephine; but nothing has stuck. I do not want to go with my maiden name and our last name starts with “G” so we want to try to stay away from vowels. Help! The Name Sage responds: Now this is a fun challenge. It sounds like you’re open to anything. And yet, when anything is possible, everything is an option. And that is overwhelming! Let’s try a few different lists, based on the directions you’re already thinking, and then see if we can choose a favorite or two. Inspired by the Noelle)
  • Neve
  • Snow
  • Winter
Inspired by Ray)
  • Bright
  • Clara
  • Clarice
  • Lucia
  • Lux
Unexpected Longer Names (like Josephine)
  • Celeste
  • Clementine
  • Gwendolyn
  • Juliet
  • Juniper
  • Natalia
  • Rosalind
  • Victoria
  • Violet
Short, Upbeat Options
  • Belle
  • Blue
  • Dare
  • Kai
  • Lark
  • Lou
  • June
  • Star
  • True
I’m tempted to suggest a name that bundles together more than one quality. Wren. Natalia. But my favorite checks only one box: Gracie. Let’s have a poll to see if one of the categories appeals to readers – and I know they’ll think of some options that I’ve overlooked. Abby Sandel is the creator of name blog Appellation Mountain and writes Nameberry's Name Abby at

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