Fashionable Classic Baby Names

George Clooney's newborn twins' names walk the line

by Linda Rosenkrantz

Can baby names be both fashionable and classic? Absolutely, and the names of George and Amal Clooney‘s newborn twins Ella and Alexander are a case in point. Both have long histories and international status, yet feel way more stylish than classic names like say, Anne and John.

Fashionable classic baby names might be high on the popularity list (Olivia, William) or further out on the cutting edge of style (Louisa and Walter). But all are proven commodities that combine elegance with staying power. Here are 12 of the best. For more, see our new list of Fashionable Classic Baby Names.


Of the quintessential classic boy names, James is probably the most fashionable right now. And that’s James in full, not Jim, Jimmy or Jamie. Now the fifth most popular name in the country, James has rarely been below the Top 5 and was the recent winner in a poll of America’s favorite boys’ names, with more historic and artistic assets than we could possibly mention. William is a close runner-up to James, sharing similar assets.

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