Unique British Baby Names

Unique British Baby Names

Every few months, we love to peruse the birth announcements in the London Telegraph in search of new trends in unique British baby names. The most recent listings included a bumper crop of rare, eccentric choices. Does this mean that parents in England, like those in the US, are becoming more attracted to unusual names?

Though the British birth announcements still include plenty of expected British names like Amelia and Beatrice, Henry and Alexander, we’re also seeing more distinctive, even edgy names.

In English style, this usually means names that have traditional roots and are not invented or drawn from places or things the way they might be in the US.  But we are also seeing more baby names drawn from far-flung cultures, cross-gender choices, and revivals of long-dormant names. In the middle, there are more surname names along with animal names such as Bunny and Bear.

Here, 50+ unique British baby names from the recent British birth announcements that evidence the new heightened taste for the unusual… or is it just traditional English eccentricity?

Unique British Girl Names

Alba Rosie

Astrid Lily Aliette Mary

Blaise Mae

Bonham Arlandria

Clemency Lily Lawrence

Dilys Cora Elizabeth

Ebba May Elonwy

Ephra Alice

Fawn Alexandria Sari

Hera Elizabeth Ingham

Hermione Rosalind Audrey

Ines Mahrokh

Iona Elizabeth Edith

Lavinia Esme Mary

Mafalda Beatrix Maria

Myrtle Primrose

Ophelia Sylvianne Fortune

Ottilie Florence Rose

Ptarmigan Rose (Ptarmigan is a kind of bird)


Suki Jemima

Tarka Valentine Mary

Tassia Polly Katie

Thomasina Carlotta

Tilia Clementine Mary

Vesta Lee

Unique British Boy Names

Albie James

Algernon Peter William Panton

Awbrey John Wulfram

Basil Randolph Alexander

Bruno Willoughby Henry

Brynley Indoe Dawood

Caspar Cem Raff

Caspian John Aglionby

Digby Otto David

Evelyn Ralph Constantine

Fergus William Richard

Frankie Rowland

Griff James Wilmot

Herbie Chandler

Hugo Ridley Lernborg

Humphrey Prakash Sen Wykeham

Knut Michael

Ludo Maximilien Thomas Gaston

Macaulay Lucas Matthew

Niall Dudley Dinnis

Nico James Cospatrick

Otto Johnny Peregrine

Rafferty Rocket

Reginald Ludo Seaburne

Rupin Sindaram Munro

Wilfred Finbarre Stanford–Tuck

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