Disney Girl Names: The Next Generation

Disney Girl Names: The Next Generation

Disney names are the news of the day as the live action remake of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast continues to dominate at the box office. The 1991 animated version is a classic; it looks like the update is every bit as loved.

There’s one question on our minds, of course: will the movie’s success impact names?

We’ve seen Disney baby names catch on before. There’s Ariel and Jasmine, of course. In more recent years, Arlo – the name of the Apatosaurus in 2015’s The Good Dinosaur – is trending.

And why not? The Disney cinematic universe is huge, including Pixar, as well as the successful Star Wars and Avengers franchises. Plus, a movie isn’t just a movie in their world. It’s a line of merchandise, a theme park ride, and, potentially, sequel after sequel. The big screen blockbusters get most of the attention, but Disney Channel movies and original series can be every bit as influential, too.

Let’s take a look at nine Disney-inspired girl names we might hear much more of in the next few years.

Belle – Here’s a curious fact: even as Isabella reached the top spot in the US, and parents embraced Annabelle, too, we somehow overlooked Belle. The name last appeared in the US Top 1000 back in the 1930s. That makes Belle familiar and rare at once. Every bit as spare as Sloane or Mae, but as effortlessly pretty as Lily, Belle could be the next breakout star of Disney baby names.

CarinaPirates of the Caribbean has given us the unforgettable Jack Sparrow. The fifth installment of the series introduces Carina, an aspiring astronomer. Her quest intersects with Jack’s latest adventure in this summer’s Dead Men Tell No Tales. In Latin, Carina refers to the keel of a ship. A constellation by the name is said to be the keel of Jason’s ship, the Argo. That ties this name to the ocean, but also makes it a sister to night sky names like Stella and Luna.

Coco – In 2004, Courteney Cox gave her nickname to daughter Coco. Since then, the fashionable name has slowly risen in use. Now the next offering from Pixar Animations Studios is titled Coco. It’s not clear if Coco is a single character. We know the story focuses on aspiring musician Miguel. We’ll have to wait until November 2017 to learn more – and to see if parents embrace this short, stylish name.

Elena – Maybe the newest example of Disney naming influences comes from the small screen. Elena of Avalor debuted as a Disney Channel series in 2016. Elena is the first Latina princess in the pantheon. The Spanish and Italian form of Helen was already racing up charts in the US. A popular princess could take this name to the top.

Nakia – Chadwick Boseman first appeared as the Black Panther in 2016’s Captain America: Civil War. He’ll headline his own Avengers movie next year. Lupita Nyong’o will co-star as Nakia, a special forces member and love interest for the superhero. Nakia means pure in Arabic. Nyong’o is a Disney veteran – she’s had roles in the live action remake of The Jungle Book as well as the new Star Wars movies.

Rey – Speaking of Star Wars, how can we overlook Rey? Played by Daisy Ridley, the character is at the center of the new trilogy. Rey is one of many short Star Wars names – there’s also Finn, Hux, Poe, and Rogue One’s Jyn. We might see more parents embrace Rey, but with spellings including Rae, Ray, and Raye to choose from, it might be tougher to guess how many were inspired by the fearless heroine.

Trixie – We met Trixie in Toy Story 3. The plastic triceratops returns in the fourth installment of the franchise that started it all for Pixar. Due out in 2019, Toy Story 4 brings back Woody and Buzz, too. But Trixie seems like it could be a name on the verge. Beatrice and Beatrix continue to trend, plus we love nickname names like Sadie and Elsie. And if you think an animated dinosaur makes for unlikely inspiration? Well, tell that to Arlo.

Uma – If you have school-aged kids, there’s a good chance you know all about The Descendants. In 2015, we met the teenaged children of classic Disney villains, thanks to the Disney Channel movie. We’ll meet a new crew this summer, including Uma, daughter of sea witch Ursula. It fits right in with Ava and Mia, Lucy and Ruby. The Descendants’ Uma is a fierce, blue-haired pirate. Actress Uma Thurman has owned her unusual Sanskrit name, but a Disney character might help parents see it in a different light.

Valkyrie – November’s Thor: Ragnarok introduces us to another comic book character, Valkyrie. In Norse myth, Valkyrie is a term rather than a given name. In fact, the character was also known as Brunnhilde in the comics. But the movie seems to call her just Valkyrie. If it seems an unlikely choice for a child’s name, remember that over 1,000 girls have been named Khaleesi since Game of Thrones’ 2011 debut.

Do any of these names appeal to you? What are your favorite Disney-inspired names for a daughter?