Dazzling December Babyberry Names

Dazzling December Babyberry Names

It’s our favorite time of the month again!

Looking back through the beautiful baby names chosen by our members in December, it’s striking that so many of them were settled upon after that first precious meeting. Sometimes, babies just seem to name themselves (and didn’t they do a fantastic job?)

Among the gorgeous girl names announced this month are three airy A names: Annie, Ariel and Arianwen, plus sibling name Aria. A has been the most popular first initial for girls since the mid-80s, and that doesn’t look set to change anytime soon!

Our warmest congratulations to all the new parents, and here’s wishing you and your little ones a very happy and healthy 2020.

Here is the full list of baby names announced on our Forums in December:


Annie Marion

Annie has been my favorite name since childhood. My husband fell in love with it when we were dating. We’ve always known it would be the name of our first daughter. For us, it has such a sweet sound and lovely associations. The meaning (grace/gracious/God’s grace) is particularly important to us, given that we have endured many losses, and God graciously chose to send her to us.”

Arianwen Jamie

“We call her Ari for short. Posting here about the name and all the lovely responses definitely cemented it for me so thank you all!”

Ariel Lucianna

Ariel is about the only name we both really liked; previously every name one of us loved the other did not like. It is a good balance between popular and unique. Lucianna is a name we saw on a list of Italian names, and we just thought it was beautiful with the soft c sound.”

Helen Frances

“Given the first names of both my grandmothers, she will be our only girl. I’m grateful for her, glad her name hadn’t become popular before we could use it, saddened that I’ve had to toss my long list of girls names, and am now realizing I’m going to need a long list of boy names.”

Ingrid Mae, sister to Forrest

Ingrid was the first girl name we both liked during pregnancy. It’s strong and clear. Though cuter names made our short list, in the hospital it seemed as though Ingrid would go with her through life. Mae is a middle name she shares with 2 great-grandmothers.”

Poet Clementine, sister to Aria Winter, Elowen Ivy and Briar Faye

“The process of naming this baby was really tough but when we saw her we were sure she’s a Poet. Poet has been one of our fav names for a while now. Like her sister, Poet Clementine has a seasonal middle name (we always eat clementines in December) plus the song is important to us.”


Ethan Christopher, brother to Luke Andrew and Toby Murphy

“We were stuck between Ethan and Ezra, but once we met him we decided that he’s an Ethan. His middle name, Christopher, is his grandpa’s name.”

Lachlan Magnus, born in June

LeKhaiem Edmund, brother to AnnaLaei Maurine, Caideryn Christopher and Zola Gwenayra

“Our 4th child was stillborn at almost 30 weeks on December 8th. We chose his name a couple of months before his birth, and we feel it’s a beautiful tribute name for our Angel Baby. His name is LeKhaiem Edmund. LeKhaiem (Leh-Kai-em) is Hebrew, meaning “To Life”. Edmund is daddy’s middle name and great grandpa’s name too.”

Our heartfelt condolences to the family of LeKhaiem; what a wonderfully meaningful name you gave him.

Quentin Michael, brother to Emmett and Harvey

Don’t forget to share your January baby news with us over on our Birth Announcements forum (late announcements are also very welcome!) We love hearing the fabulous names you choose.

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