Coolest Celebrity Names of 2019

Coolest Celebrity Names of 2019

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Newsiest Celebrity Names of 2019

The birth of a new royal is always big baby name news, and the son of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex was certainly no exception. During Meghan Markle’s pregnancy, there were the usual predictions of previous traditional British royal family choices, with bookmakers favoriting Alexander, Arthur and Albert (at least they got the first initial right). So the announcement of casual nicknamey Archie was a pretty shocking pick, despite the fact that it was the 18th most popular name in England and Wales in 2017, and in the UK Top 50 since 2003. Middle name Harrison, meaning son of Harry, was a more logical pick—though still unexpected.

In terms of Reality Royalty, any new Kardashian kid also elicits a ton of wild guesses and anticipation. Baby Psalm disappoint—yet another aspirational single-syllable word name joining sibs and cousins North, Saint, Reign, Dream and True.

Coolest Celebrity Names of 2019

Moving on to pop culture celebs.

BIRDIE MAE Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson chose this sweet and chirpy vintage nickname name, quite different from the stronger names of her son (Ace Knute) and older daughter (Maxwell Drew). A Top 200 name a century ago, Birdie fell off the list entirely in 1947 but is on its way back, combining the trends of nickname and generic nature names. Busy Philipps named her little Birdie in honor of Lady Bird Johnson.

BOBBY—Robert F. Kennedy III

Sure, the current Robert Kennedy could have named his daughter Roberta, but we think it’s pretty cool that he gave her the nickname by which her famous great-grandfather was known—Bobby Kennedy. (And her mother has the charming name of Amaryllis Fox.)

CAPRI KOBE—–Kobe Bryant

The name Kobe and Vanessa Bryant chose for their fourth daughter is by far the most creative of the quartet (the others being Natalia, Gianna and Blanka). The romantic Isle of Capri in Italy’s Bay of Naples might have some special significance to Kobe (himself named after the famous beef of Kobe, Japan), who spent years of his childhood in Italy. For some reason at least five other athletes have chosen Capri for their daughters. This little Capri has been nicknamed Koko.

FRANKIE VIOLET—Jennifer Hawkins

I love the stark contrast between the boyish Frankie and the sweet, sentimental Violet in this combo chosen by Aussie TV personality, model, and onetime Miss Universe. Frankie, even more than Charlie and Sam, has been coopted by the girls. Credit Drew Barrymore, who used it for her daughter in 2016, for much of its pink popularity—though she wasn’t the first.

LOLA ALAINA—Robin Thicke

The seductive Lola is one of the double-L girl names riding a wave—it’s now at #239 in the US, 21 in France—and is a sizzling starbaby choice. But we single this out for the sweet tribute to Robin’s late father Alan Thicke in his daughter’s middle name.


Michael and Nicole Phelps have been mavericks when it comes to their children’s names. First, and most surprising, was baby Boomer, followed by the more accepted/trendy Beckett and this year finally an actual Maverick. The free-spirited Maverick has been zooming up the charts since the beginning of the 21st century—entering the Top 100 in 2017—thereby relinquishing its outsider status.

POET LAKE—Teresa Palmer

This has got to be the most serene baby girl ever, if names are at all predictive of character. I’m visualizing a sweet old-fashioned girl reading Keats or Yeats by the side of a placid lake. Poet is one of an increasingly popular subset of literary word names. Soleil Moon Frye has a Poet too.

SAOIRSE REIGN—Nick Carter and Lauren Kitt

Ex-Backstreet Boy Carter chose this Irish name that was hardly known in the US prior to the emergence of Saoirse Ronan; it’s now ranked at #830 and everyone even knows how to pronounce it.The Carters must really like the middle name Reign—Saoirse shares it with her brother Odin.

STORY GREY—Derek Jeter

A perfect playmate for Poet Lake.

WINTER MERCY—Alanis Morissette and ‘Souleye’

Two evocative word names unusual for a boy that work well together—a modern-sounding seasonal choice with a positive Puritan virtue name. Winter—much cooler than Summer or Autumn— is now at #390 for girls, and Mercy, unusual for a boy, is well on its way to a fast-rising comeback for girls. Winter’s siblings are Onyx and Ever.

Runners-up: Ace Chadwick (Ryan Calhoun), Apollo (Myleene Klass), Bartholomew Kit (Matt Hardy)Beatrice Danger (Jess Wexler), Delilah (Keira Knightley), Finley Gray (Dylan Scott), Jasper Clinton (Chelsea Clinton), Kinsey Sioux, nn Zissou (Kieran Culkin), Max Valentine (Natalie Imbruglia), Navy Rome (Jason Aldean), Sunday Juno (Janet Montgomery)

And for those of you who like to gasp at extreme starbaby names, 2019 also saw:







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