Coolest Celebrity Baby Names of 2019

Coolest Celebrity Baby Names of 2019

2019 has already given us an abundance of cool and unique celebrity baby names to admire. Especially intriguing are those names with interesting backstories—be they touching tributes to family, lofty aspirational names, or meaningful place and word names.  Here are those that we consider to be the coolest celebrity baby names of 2019—so far.

BOBBY–daughter of Robert F. Kennedy III and Amaryllis Fox

There have been three Bobby Kennedys already, but this is the first girl to bear the name of her father, grandfather and great grandfather. As her mother said, she is “carrying their legacy into a future where women stand shoulder to shoulder with their fathers, brothers, and sons to do the work of love in the world.  May she hold in her heart their fathomless commitment to human dignity, peace among nations, and protection of our natural world.” I think it’s good that they cut straight to the nickname and didn’t use Roberta instead.

CAPRI KOBE—daughter of Kobe and Vanessa Bryant

This is the fourth little  girl for the basketball great and his wife and the first to be given his name as her middle. Capri is an unusual place name which most likely has some special significance for the couple, as Kobe spent much of his childhood in Italy. Capri already has the designated nickname: Koko.

McLAUREN CLEMENT, son of Zack Williams and Olivia June

In a touching tribute to his late father, Robin Williams, his oldest child, Zack used Robin’s middle name as his son’s first. He’s going to be called Mickey for short.

BIRDIE MAE _(shown)—_daughter of Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson

The third baby in the family carries on their tradition of trend-conscious choices. First came a girl with the boy name Maxwell (she’s called Maxi), followed by cool guy Ace, and now there’s the cute vintage nickname Birdie, which entered the celebrisphere in 2008 when Busy Philipps chose it partly to honor former First Lady Lady Bird Johnson. Birdie was a Top 200 name at the turn of the last century and is definitely making a comeback.

JONATHAN HEIGHTS—Son of Jon M. Chu and Kristin Hodge

I love this name origin story. Crazy Rich Asians director Chu is now shooting the movie of Lin–Manuel Miranda’s In the Heights. And this baby boy is going to be known as Heights. Said Dad: “He landed onto our planet by way of New York City. With a backpack full of bravery fueled by resilience strapped onto his sneakers, Willow’s little rebel brother knows no limits and only looks in one direction: UP!”

RISE HARLEN, son of Jacqueline MacInenes Wood and Elan Ruspolithis

In a similar vein, the soap opera star picked an equally aspirational name, saying “We chose Rise because to us Rise means growth, the simplicity of moving forward. We look to our son as an uplifting force toward positive change and a better world.”

LIV RAE, daughter of Ryan Lochte and Kayla Rae Reid

The 12-time Olympic medalist and his wife win a place here for choosing a name that’s both short, succinct and yet still packs plenty of power. Liv Tyler—her name inspired by that of Norwegian actress Liv Ullmann—helped promote Liv onto the US popularity list in 2011; it’s now at #684. Liv Lochte shares her mother’s middle name.

POET LAKE—daughter of Teresa Palmer and Mark Webber

A special commendation for most nature-loving, environmentally-friendly sibset, as Poet Lake joins big brothers Forest Sage and Bodhi Rain.

WINTER MERCY—son of Alanis Morissette and Mario “Souleye” Treadway

A winner on two counts: using a pair of gender-fluid names for their son, and forming a fascinating sibset with daughter Onyx Solace and son Ever Imre.

ROODY ROCKET—son of Allen Stone and Tara Lawson

Just because it’s so much fun to say. Roody does cartwheels around conventional spelling Rudy, and Rocket launches it high up into the air.


ACE CHADWICK—son of Rory and Chrissy Calhoun

AMAZONIE—daughter of Vincent Cassel and Tina Kunakey (who live part-time in Brazil)

BEATRICE DANGER—daughter of Jess Wexler and Hamish Brocklebank

BEAU BOBBY BRUCE—son of Nev Schulman and Laura Perlongo

LOLA ALAIN—daughter of Robin Thicke and April Love Geary

NAVY ROME—daughter of Jason and Brittany Kerr Aldean

OSCAR JAMES—son of Gordon and Tana Ramsay

PIA PHILOMENA FRANCESCA—daughter of David and Marie Cahill Henrie

RAMONA RAE—daughter of Ryan and Jackie Lewis

STORY GREY—daughter of Derek and Hannah Davis Jeter

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